The Firehouse Grill

Tuesday afternoon, a nice fall day in Haven Point, leaves rustling, October near at hand, the Brew Fest for the coming weekend in the works too. To go with that, Sammuel's evening class was cancelled, so as soon as he can, he makes his way off campus and to the Firehouse grill. Backback on one shoulder, over a blue hoodie zipped mostly up over a black t-shirt, and faded blue jeans as well, he enters the Grill/Pub. As if he might put it down by the bar to see if he can help out, he instead takes notice of a familiar face close to his age, turning to where she sits, he calls out a greeting, "Hey, Claudia, how's your day?" He'll turn feet and move in her direction instead of following his initial thought.

Claudia isn't that far from where he was initially headed. Seated near one end of the bar with an iced tea and a book the brunette looks up at the sound of her name. "Hey Sam," she greets the older boy with a smile in return. "No complaints. How about you?"

Convenient, it works, his book back ends up on the bar at least, it'll be tucked away later somewhere. "I'll clock in later, but no complaints yet," he grins, grabbing his own stool. But pausing to stand on it, reach for a glass behind the bar and the soda gun to fill up his own drink for the moment. No ice of course, that reqruires getting up to get it. "Ran into your brother yesterday, seems he wanted to go swimming I guess." Grinning at that thought even.

Claudia laughs and nods. "So I heard," she replies, marking her place with a napkin before closing the text. "He came home sopping wet last night and we ended up her for dinner," she explains. "I take it you didn't help trying to find that pole."

Grinning to a chuckle at her return he shakes his head. "The pole wasn't bad, I'll give Evie one of my old ones. But no, no way. Its fall, that water is cold, and there's a good undercurrent off the bridge there. I admit readly, I was not chivalrous enough to return the lost object."

Claudia rolls her eyes. "I completely agree there," she agrees with a laugh. "I don't know why he did it either. I mean its a fishing pole, but…" she leaves it at that with a shrug.

"Yeah, boys, they'll do the darndest things sometimes," returns Samuel, who wouldn't of jumped in, but did consider tying to save the pole. Only uncertainties in mixed company prevented other means. "You planning on haning out at Brewfest this weekend, or too much homework?" Before fall break that is, he's got a slightly big paper he needs to churn out himself.

Claudia nods, "Yeah.." she agrees, clearly amused by the story of her brother's antics. A nod follows for the question of Brewfest. "Of course," not that she's old enough to drink but that doesn't mean it not fun to hang out at anywhere. There's always friends to hang out with and food.

"Same here, torn between working here and wanting to get out," returns Samuel, lifting a hand to show about the place as if it needed reinforced that it is his family grill. "I'm so ready for a good fall here, I think I'm actually starting to miss snow already." Bringing his hand to rub at the back of his neck, turning more to face Claudia as he says that.

Claudia laughs, "Much as I like sone I don't know that I'd say I'd miss it just yet. I mean by the time its gone we'll be ready for summer anyway so might as well enjoy the season we have while we have it, hmm?" More statement than question but there is that hint to the end as she reaches for her glass to take a sip from the straw. "So sounds like you and Elliot are hanging out more now though…"

"You raise a point there," returns Samuel, "I won't complain about fall, still good fishing over at Reecer Creek." Cause he won't go to the resevoir itself maybe. Taking a drink from his soda, he nods. "Yeah, seems that way. He had a few questions, seems we have more interests than we realized. Aside from swimming that is."

"And pretty girls with fishing poles?" Claudia teases, shooting a grin towards the older boy. "But yeah, he mentioned as much." She pauses a moment, considering her words before asking, "You don't tell your sisters everything do you? I mean, you have your own secrets. Right?"

"Yeah, that about sums it up," chuckles Samuel, he'll agree to his thoughts about Evie, unable to speak for Elliot, though the boy did dive into the creek to try and fetch the pole. "I guess that depends on what everything we're talking about. Not everything is sisterly material, but mostly, we share." That would be the boy related material that no one probably needs to hear about; ie, Samuel isn't kissing then telling anyone. "Why, did he mention what he was asking about?"

Claudia shrugs, resting the glass back on the bartop, idly twirling the straw in her drink. "Thanks," she replies, "That's kinda what I thought. He has this idea that there's no secrets between us," which given how she says it might imply that she's not completely on that page. "But yeah, pretty much," she adds in response to his question.

"I guess it depends on how you two feel. I mean, take the Gray's, the siblings aren't all that tight, I suspect they don't share as much as we do here." He means the Bates that is, but seeing it as optional and sibling dependent. Samuel looks up a moment, its afternoon before dinner rush, not jumping yet. Commuters need to get home first at least. "He was curious about the families. Just, I'm guessing you two aren't exactly the same," and he glances down at the sugilite ring on his hand, not sure what all Elliot has said on the topic. "I don't know how much he knows, he thought all the families might be like that but us, we're all the same."

"I guess," Claudia replies, not completely convinced on the matter, but she simply lifts a shoulder in a light shrug and leaves it at that. "I think he thinks he knows more than he does," she notes on what Elliot's said on the topic.

Pondering a moment, Samuel offers, "I mean, he doesn't think everyone who's descended from a founding family is like he and I - just our family, we all our. I'm guessing maybe you're just not quite the same as him, and that comes from your parents." He hopes that makes sense, he can't be overly direct in the open.

Claudia isn't about to say too much here either. Given they're sitting at the bar of a restaurant, nevermind that his family owns the place. "You want to talk somewhere?" As in somewhere else.

"Yeah, that would be good," returns Samuel to her, reaching to grab his bag actually. "Make some sense of it and all, just, you know, to make sure he gets more info without asking the wrong person or something."

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