It's a late Tuesday morning, the sun edging higher up in to the sky. Elliot's working his shift as his grandparents' Garden Shop. Thankfully, growing season is nearly over and that means no more lugging of soil and mulch for customers, which gives him more time to work with the actual plants in the nursery. He's working on dredging up soil, and making sure the fall plants are insulated against the upcoming cold.

Meadow always comes here when she's not working or in her garden, or out riding horses, or playing somewhere else out in nature. Wearing a dress in an earthy tone, the skirt of it whispers around her upper legs as she walks, the hem ending modestly but certainly a good deal above the knee. When she notices Elliot, she lifts a hand to wave. "Hi!" She calls out. "I feel like I'm stalking you or something."

Elliot looks up as he hears a voice, then gives a bright smile as he sees who it is. He makes his way over, taking off the work gloves he has on and tucks them in a back pocket of his jeans. "Hey." he says as a return to her greeting. "Well, I could certainly think of worse people to stalk me. Are you here for business, or.." He shakes his head. "I mean, what can I do for you? We've got products to help winterize the perennials, to make sure they come back in the Spring?" He shrugs, trying to stay professional. "We don't have a lot of plants left. Sadly, soon enough we'll be getting ready to sell Christmas Trees."

"Poinsettia's?" Meadow perks up. "Did you know those are poisonous? Still, they are gorgeous! We can't put any near the tables or anything at the Firehouse, but when I put the tree up in there, I'll decorate with some out of reach of small kids but will you make sure there are plenty?" Her voice gets animated when she talks about it all. "For right now though," she blushes cause he had asked about business or another reason, "I came to get a hanging plant for my room because the fall, the leaves are all dying, the green is going away, and I need an Ivy or something, I need the greenery."

Elliot grins at the mention of the December plant. "Sure. We typically have those imported in. They're not native to the climate." he nods. "Yeah, you need to be careful with small children and pets, too." He nods. "I'll let Gramps know. He'll be glad to, especially when he hears that it's a request from the pretty Bates girl." He grins. When she mentions the hanging plants, he nods and walks over to a display with hanging pots, Ivy growing out of them. "Are your parents gonna be cool with you having Ivy growing wild in your room?" He smiles. "Do you have a secure hook in the ceiling to hang it from?"

"Oh, no it's me making it, not my sisters." Meadow teases, but there's a blush at the compliment he pays her. Walking over with him to the hanging plants, she lifts a hand and traces the lines on one of the leaves. "I wonder why some Ivy is poison and some Ivy is not." Poison Ivy, etc. "I mean none are good to ingest but the itching from the other." She's not allergic though, maybe a perk of who and what she is. "Yeah as long as I don't build a trellis down from my tower so any Romeo can climb it and rescue me." After a moment of thought, she shakes her head. "Not an extra one that's not being used already."

Elliot smirks and nudges her with his elbow gently at the way she talks about herself. "Poison Ivy doesn't cling. It's not the typical Ivy that you traditionally see growing on brick walls and such. These are all safe. Gramps showed me the difference early on." He hods, seeing one that that has some purple flowers growing from it. "Here." He says, reaching up to take it off the hook and bringing it down. "This one looks good. It should last through the Fall, especially under your care." He smiles, not noticing the flowers are blooming a bit brighter and fuller. "Well, if you or Sam puts the hook in, make sure it's in a sturdy beam. The last thing you want to do is bring the ceiling down on you." He grins. "Little do your parents know that there are plenty of Romeos walking through the Grill with thoughts of rescuing you."

Meadow smiles at the nudge, "I'm no Marty, she's the model looking one." It's all the defense she has but she does listen about the Ivy, reaching for the plant when he brings it down and she looks at the blooms and does notice, her smile reflecting the brightness of the flowers. "I will ask Sam to put it in for me, he'll do it." Lowering the plant to her side, she laughs, the sound is whimsical. "I'm no Juliet, I think."

Elliot looks over. "Why do you keep doing that? Keep putting yourself down?" He turns to look at her fully, taking her hand in his. "Who… made you feel ugly? Is it modesty or did someone hurt you?" He looks. I mean, it's not for me to say, but you're wrong. Flat wrong. You're awesome. The only person I've ever seen you say a bad word about is you." He shakes his head, letting go of the hand. "I'm sorry. It's not my business, but as a friend, I don't like it. You're entire family's gorgeous. Hell, I even came on to Sam yesterday, just to see what he'd say." He says, walking around the garden. "Is there anything else I can get for you?"

"I am no Juliet though, I don't mean it like you may think. I am not rebellious like her, I communicate well with my father, I am not impetuous, I think, like she comes across." Meadow smiles when he takes her hand. "It is all in perception, I suppose, but it is sweet to hear you defend me so vehemently." Her smile widens slightly. "You came on to Sammy yesterday? How did he handle that?" A shake of her head is offered. "This is all I need for now."

Elliot blinks and, blushes. "I see. I'm sorry. I'm glad you're not impetuous. Though a little rebellion isn't bad." He grins. "Like getting close to a bad boy…. who actually really isn't bad at all." he chuckles, knowing he can't pull off the 'bad boy' image. He shakes his head, changing the conversation and just dropping the thought. "Sam?" He laughs, shaking his head. "Clueless. After I dived into the Creek, he suggested that we could've just gone in the pool. I upped the ante by telling him that if he wanted to see me in less clothes, he could've just asked… His eyes were all googly for the New York girl. He had no idea." He grins, walking Meadow to the counter, stepping behind it and ringing her up. "Do you have this, or should I have it delivered?"

His blush makes her smile, rarely does she see one there in her lifelong friend. "A bad boy? The only bad boys I know around here are Jude and Rhy." Meadow does know what he meant, so she was just teasing him again. "All of the other acceptable boys I know are incredibly nice." Laughter follows his explanation of what happened when he flirted with Sam and she shakes her head. "I think Sammy didn't realize you were even flirting. He's got a bit of a one track mind at times." Sliding him her bank card, it's on the tip of her tongue to tell him she'll take it when she changes her mind. "Actually, would you deliver it? I need to see Claudia about a book and maybe you could put the hook in while you're there? Just add it to the purchase price."

Elliot laughs, and then nods about Samuel. "I don't think he'd know what to do if a guy showed any real interest in him. It'd be funny to see his reaction." He says, as if he would know how to act. At the discussion of him bringing the plant, he nods. "Surely. I'll swing by later then." He says, grinning. He rings her up, not charging anything extra for the future labor. "Is there a preferred time of delivery?" He says, being professional and not at the same time.

"You can come by about six if you want, I should be finished with work about then so I can tell you where I want the hook and everything." Meadow pays for everything she can with her own tips and money from pay, so when she sees the charges, she gives him a grateful smile. "Thank you," she says with heartfelt gratitude. "That is if you're off by then also." Thinking about Sammy and flirting from a guy, she shakes her head. "You know when you come by, you could bring him a long stemmed rose, I hear those are all the rage when trying to ask someone out. We could see how he would react."

Elliot nods. "I'll be there then." He shakes his head. "Well, if I brought a rose, it wouldn't be for Sam." He grins, looking into her eyes. He then clears his throat. "But.. yeah. I'll see you later, then."

"See you then, Elliot." Meadow widens her eyes at the insinuation there about the rose, meeting his eyes before lowering her own. "Have a really good day," Offering him one last smile and a wave before heading out.

Transition to Meadow's Bedroom in the loft above Firehouse Grill

Meadow had met Elliot down in the restaurant and guided him to their loft house above. "Just in here," she leads him in.

Elliot makes his way inside and looks around, resisting the urge to take his boots off. "Oh wow.. This is.. amazing." He grins, looking around. He holds the plant in it's hanging pot and a bag from Home Depot. He's still dressed in the clothes that he wore at the Gate, rugged jeans and a t-shirt with an open flannel over it. He reaches into his back pocket and pulls out a stud-finder, while also looking at the integrity of the ceiling. He'd already brought a step ladder up. "Did you have an idea as to where you wanted it hung by?"

Meadow blushes, "Thank you, I'm glad you like it. I have added to it over the years but it's just so homey and comfortable I'm glad I didn't have to move to a dorm room. I couldn't imagine living anywhere else right now." Of course she's still young enough to live at home. "And work is so close." Turning, she looks towards the window that holds a view of the small town below. "I think over here by the window because one day, I want a house out of the town so I can have a horse and a huge, huge, huge garden." Holding out her arms to emphasize her point. Realizing she was getting carried away, she blushes again.

Elliot nods and smiles, walking over to the window. Passers-by can probably see that Meadow has a boy in her room, and none other than Elliot Hale! (gasp!) He grabs the step-ladder and feels the ceiling, knocking on it, listening for the support beam. He then takes out the stud-finder, refraining from doing the lame joke, and uses it to confirm that the beam is there. "That's awesome. It's also where it will get the best light." He says. "And I can see you working in a huge garden." He grins. "I'll need to have one. There are certain herbs and such that I'll be in need of." he says. "Home-grown is always better than store-bought." He reaches for the drill and drills in a quick starter hole, then works the anchor hook by hand. All-in-all it takes about 5 minutes to do. He then hangs up the plant. He smiles, getting down from the ladder. "All set."

From her vantage point, near the wall where the desk is, Meadow watches him working on it. Of course the stud finder joke is also on the mind but like him she refrains from it even if her lips twitch when he uses it without aiming it at himself. "I look forward to it. I love growing my own herbs too." Reaching over to her desk, she closes her hand over a stone and holds it as she looks at him. "It's funny," she walks over and holds up her hand only to open it so he can see the glittering stone. "Pyrite. Fools gold. So many bad rumors of it to bring such harmony." Closing her hand again, she glances up at the plant. "Thank you, so much. How much do I owe you for everything?" He had to buy the hook!

Elliot walks over and..smiles when she shows him her stone. "That's… awesome." He looks. "I keep with the hematite. It dispels negativity." He smiles. "Sam didn't out you. But I think it's cool. We can.. talk about it sometime. When and where we're comfortable. Maybe go to Rosalinda's some time. It's safe there." Did he just ask her out? "You owe me nothing. I'm glad to do it." He says, looking at her. "I.. should get going, before any of your sibs show up and toss me out."

"Hematite, such a lovely color." Meadow does know her stones fairly well. Her own is deposited back on her desk and she turns back to face him. "That would be fun. Maybe we could bring Sam too, he's fun to talk to about things like that." She glances towards the window again, then the door at the mention of her siblings. "Either toss you out or grill me. Sam or Marty either one would." Walking over, she glances out the door. "Do you need help with the ladder? I could walk you down."

Elliot grins. "It's your place. You can walk down with me if you wish.. but I should go. I'm controlling myself extremely well right now and I'm not entirely sure if I can keep it up much longer." He looks at her again before turning and heading downstairs.

Helping to collect the ladder, Meadow uses it as an excuse to follow him down, the bulky thing slowing her down slightly. "Controlling yourself?" There's a curiosity in her eyes, the green perhaps more vivid when she looks at him. "Well, I noticed you didn't bring Sammy a rose, I suppose it wasn't serious after all," she teases. "Thank you again, Elliot, I'll see you later."

Elliot turns as he gets to the bottom of the stairs. He leans over and kisses her forehead. "Later." He says cryptically, before heading out.

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Garden Gate and Meadow's Bedroom

Garden Gate
The Garden Gates is a fairly large garden center that houses a large building that is filled with various gardening supplies and equipment. Several aisles have been setup, housing and organizing the items offered to make things easier to find. Near the entrance is a counter with a cash register resting on it. In the back of the building, a set of double glass doors leads out to the back area where various greenhouses sit, each suited to the specific climates needed for the plants and trees housed inside. Stone paths lead to each greenhouse and are lined with the local plants and trees that are available for purchase. The entire back area is enclosed into a large greenhouse to protect the plants from the area's winter weather. Soft classical music plays throughout the building through hidden speakers spread throughout the property and in the various greenhouses.

Meadow's Bedroom
For a bedroom, it's lovely, the tones are earthy, browns, greens, blues with hints of others thrown in. A bed is centered at one wall, a lovely green canopy centered over it and various throw pillows piled in a decorative manner. The wall behind is painted as a mural looking like you're walking into a forest with greenery all around, a path below and a there is a canopy above that continues onto the ceiling, making an almost 3-D effect.

The carpeting is plush and the color of the earth, a soft brown. In one corner is a large doll house, a testament from the younger years of the inhabitant of the room. A desk holding a laptop and a closed armoire holding a television inside are the only nods to technology in the room. A dresser with a lighted mirror in raw wood holds a holds a sorority sticker taped on the top right and photographs of Meadow with her siblings framed all over the built in shelves. Photos of her and friends are taped more haphazardly on there.

A net is in one corner of the ceiling, holding stuffed animals from her youth, varied and well loved. A bookshelf below holds books from various stages of her life. A closet, with the door half open, holds an array of clothing and is large enough to walk in.

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