Breakfast Points and Duckfaces

A nice fall morning, the warming sun has hit the surroundings just right, a slow fog is rising. Where the world was covered in darkness, the fog seems to grow, maybe a rain later or simply a thick morning fog in the works. A few cars out and about, those who work in town getting to work, the commuters to any other city already left it would seem. Samuel has left the grill to get a bit of breakfast, blue hoodie, faded jeans and book back in tote, ready for his first class in a couple hours. He's decided to get some baked goods, a bearclaw if they had some that morning, and a steaming cup of coffee, black. He sits on one of the wrought iron chairs in front of Sugar Jone's, food and drink before him and a book dealing with international business opened up on the table. He's not looking at the book, his mind drifting as he watches some thick patches of fog roll down the street, encouraged by the wind.

From way of 8th Street, Amelia too is on the path for breakfast, though unlike Samuel, the blond haired college student isn't interested in coffee. No, it's the sugar glazed, freshly puffed dough that draws her in from the street like a bee to a freshly budded flower. Dressed for her morning run, she pushes the hood of her jacket back as she slows near the bakery, passing into the shop faintly huffing from her jog…only to return moments later with a soda and a chocolate covered doughnut. With sprinkles. And she's delighted! She also takes a seat at Sam's tale without so much as a welcome or invite, only to squeal seconds later as she unwraps her pastry. "I love sugar! I love that my mother's not here to tell me how my butt will expand by just looking at it." Moms. Sheesh. "Good morning Sammie."

If one were curious how Sammie felt about the company joining, uninvited or not, the grin on his face would be telling, not to mention he clears room on the table, book gets book on a spare chair nearby. He might of been pondering something to say even as she passed into the shop, to catch her on the way out. Thus, that is taken care of even. Seeing what she decided on, a chuckles gives rise at sugar and parental commentary. "Hey Ams, .. it is now," he returns, "I guess that explains why my butt is so flat, I just don't look at it." Dryly offered but humored meant with his grin. He turns a little, but doesn't complete any motion to turn and look. "So, all back from vacation, ready for school?" Or needing few more days off.

Amelia laughs nodding as she pinches a piece from her breakfast. Biting into food is just awkward. For her at least. "No, I'm ready. I love school. It means I don't have to work. I honestly don't know why they demand I work at the coffee shop. I'm absolutely horrible at making coffee. I always feel so sorry for the poor sods that come in and order on my days. I actually think they should get a free cookie just for daring to drink it." Her pale brows arch expressively at the magnitude of her coffee fails. "What about you?" her eyes narrow teasingly as she peers over at the book. "You all ready for…international business?" Yup. Her nose wrinkles at the thought. "Boy, I feel like such a loser. I'm paying a fortune for a fine art degree so I can live in poverty with all the other painters."

Another laugh at his throat, light, but Samuel is shaking his head as she talks about having to work. "Nah, see, its tolerable, they still come in even knowing you prepared it, not horrible at all." Says Samuel with coffee not from Black Sheep Cafe at present. Reaching for his, he gives an eye back to that book scooted to the side, "Ready enough, its tolerable. And caffeine helps, I won't lie." This one, and another for during lecture/discussion time, good to know stuff for him doesn't make it more interesting by any accounts. His smile is soft but hints at sympathy with the loser comment, a shake of his head, "Loser, more like courageous for doing something everyone else would like to do, even if they don't admit it." Sure he'd go for some fine arts classes, his sister Marty could attest even, as he forces his way through something beneficial to his life after college.

"Yes well, one can only hope I manage to find a job after school. Maybe I can teach old people to paint or..maybe I'll just sleep in the prettiest cardboard box in the alley?" She's teasing of course. Amelia has a life plan, it just doesn't include international business. "But I don't know how courageous it is to take art classes. Maybe I'll get my teaching degree. I mean, I could be doing what Jude is doing. Going to college to appease people. He's going to end up graduating in general studies." Taking another bite of her breakfast she pauses to wash it down with her soda. "Maybe I'll just take over the coffee shop. I know Abby intends to run for the hills the second they drop their guard, and I can't see Aiden running a coffee shop. Ava will probably end up with her very own episode of Snapped." Maddie. She just doesn't get mentioned. Evil mini-spawn. "What about you? You going to stick around and run your family's business when they decide to retire?"

A grin as he ponders that prettiest cardboard box, probably can imagine just the right spot if she would slum it locally even, Samuel listens about why she could be going and what she could do with it, including teaching or taking over the coffee shop. "General studies is still graduating, besides, if you were doing it without a care, you'd go general studies too. You're doing something you like is the way I see it, hence the courage." She asks about him and what he'll do, and there is a nod from him, he reaches for that bear claw, shaking it lightly to get off excess sugar, but returning in almonds that fall off. "Pretty much, stay here, help out. If it gives Tre Bates the chance to do what they want, without worrying about our folks and the place, I'm more than happy to take over the Firehouse. It'll mean I should learn about cooking at some point, but I have time to decide right?"

Amelia nods, "I think you'd be really good at running it. And, as for my educational choices, thank you. It's nice to not be told I'm wasting my scholarship and time." It is NOT what her family had hoped for. Then again she's one of four, one of them had to pick a stupid major, right? Statistics. Regardless of what may or may-not be going through her mind, she pushes onward. "So are you going to the beer thingie this weekend?" The Brewfest. She's a dork.

One of four, good thing Samuel isn't pondering statistics ether. He tkes in a bite as she talks, chewing a moment when the question is returned to him, he nods his head and covers his mouth until he gets more coffee to help put it down. "Yeah, well, I was hoping, for a little bit at least. I'll have to be on hand if the Firehouse gets busy, overflew and such." He neither confirms nor denies age variables and who would be drinking at said Brewfest. He takes another drink from that coffee as he finishes, "You thinking about checking out some of the festivities?" Setting the cup back down, his arm stays near the table. Leaving him sitting forward just a little as curiosity plays in his eyes.

Amelia laughs. "I am. I love music…and I admit, I love watching all the locals get tanked by accident. I also love how 'sample' suddenly means 'full beer' for the venders." So one has the opportunity to drink 30 in all! "I mean, I can't drink. I'm but a wee lamb, but I love deep friend anything so. Yes. I'm intending to go." She finishes her doughnut but not her soda. She also makes no move to get up. All she does is offer a flutter of her fingers at a passing girl she appears to know.

Catching the laugh, Samuel picks up the same spirit, especially on watching the locals. "Sounds like any weekend, just outside," instead of in the bars as usual. Even though its mainly a grill, they're sure to have a few accidentally getting tanked from time to time. "I'm already eating, but deep fried does sound good." Half watching as she flutter waves to someone she knows, Samuel doesn't turn to see who it was even, focus directed more at his table mate it would seem. "When I get there, I'll have to hunt you down, you can point out the excitement, show me the best food?"

"I could do that." She chimes on the tail of his words. "But however will you find me in such a sea of faces?" Slight dramatics for the sake of them. Amelia even feigns dramatically at the idea before she attention drifts to her soda, which she lifts for a sip.

"I think it'd be hard to miss you," returns Samuel, perhaps that is subjective from his personal point of view. Though the slight dramatics have him grinning. "Though, you could be hiding out somewhere too. I guess that leaves it to me asking for your number, so we can figure out where to meet or plan to meet somewhere." Sure he could figure it out, use his sister, see if she knows, ask around, but that seems cheating somehow, and a little direct here feels more appropriate.

Amelia sends him a smirk, but she also reaches across the table, clearly waiting for his phone. "I guess it does." She teases with the smallest wrinkle of her nose. "I do love hiding, after all. And being told I'm pretty, so five points for Mr. Bates."

A chuckle hits him at her response, even as he digs into his pocket, "There you go, you can give me a clue at least." He hands over the phone readily enough once its filched from his pocket. "I don't mind looking." As he gives a moment to flip through the phone and add herself, there isn't a large list in there and his wallpaper is probably something local, him and a friend, fishing probably. "Five points, that's a start," not sure if there is more to the tally, but amused by it, maybe wanting to have a higher one even. "Would it have been double for being more direct." In the compliment that is, not asking for a phone number.

She does more than add her number. Amelia adds a picture! Because who doesn't love to see faces when someone calls you, or when you call someone else. She takes five before she finally likes one. "Probably. I'm dreadful at catching hints." She admits freely, saving the picture and returning the phone. Sorry Sammie, you get duckface Amelia to remind you of this moment! "Why? You trying to earn more points?" She grins as well as narrows her blue eyes at him playfully, waiting for an answer.

Though he isn't one to duckface, not even joking, he won't complain at all, even with four more companions sitting in there. Samuel reaches over to take the phone, grinning as he looks before turning it off again. Bringing his eyes up, darker than hers but blue, he meets hers. "With you, I'd like to earn them, yes. You've definitely caught my eyes there, Ams." Though, more likely for a few years give or take, she was friends with his sister, small town as it is as well. "More so when you smile." Or grin as the case may be.

That gets him a smile. A real, deeply dimpled smile. Then Amelia looks like she may cry. "That's so nice." So nice that she catches her lower lip between her teeth in an effort to not look ridiculous. Fail. She did ask for 'forward' though, and she troops through. "You can have all the points for that. That was a good line. You win." Apparently it's a very simple game, which Amelia had not thought all the way through. Still, the result was delightful.

Even to match hers maybe, his grin hits a bit sheepish at his features, the only added feature is the not quite button/dimple at his chin. Saying it was nice is good for him too, a return compliment even, if someone was good being 'nice' guy, Samuel may just fit the bill actually. "I'll keep them, try to earn a few more, see what their worth." The points, surely like ticket games in an arcade, save them up for the bigger prize. Then a pause, "Not a line though." But no more, happy with her smile as is, or the joy she had in hearing it, not wanting to crest that edge at least. "So glad I stopped today, I was gonna go straight to campus." That might be thinking out loud though.

"Compliment, then." Amelia corrects her 'line' statement with the faint lift of her chin. "I like nice guys. It's a refreshing change from…he not nice guys I have a habit of attracting." He gets a look, the faintest lowering of his lashes as she inspects his features thoughtfully. After a moment the thoughtful gaze easily drifts into a look of appreciation. His words just deepen it. "I'm glad that you stopped too. You made my day a lot better."

"Oddly enough," returns Samuel, bear claw forgotten, but not the coffee. "I'm in the habit of trying to keep the not nice guys away." Trained well with the triplets, that or if some were not nice guys, they were well hidden or disguised at least. Smile growing at her day being made better, as sheepish as it was before, the sense of security maybe, in doing something for someone else, is satisfying. That its her is the bonus points as far as that goes. "I mysteriously find myself not wanting to get up, some strange force at work here," her, "But I should plan on getting to school before too long."

Amelia smiles again, nodding. "Well that's a bonus in your favor." She admits before his words cause a small laugh to her voice. He apparently does that. Makes her laugh. "You're right. I need to get home and shower so I don't repulse my classmates." It's with a heavy sigh that she makes herself be the first to stand. "I enjoyed the conversation, I hope you have a good day."

That laugh catches him too, not always getting that reaction, or too serious too much sometimes, Samuel can't take eyes off so much when she does that. Maybe its a secret weapon, he's not complaining in the least. "Heaven forbid you do that," repulse the classmates, "If you see Ed Johnson, from Survey of Western History 202, give him that clue, I think he runs on purpose before class to do just that." Smiling and all gathered, "Its better here too already, enjoy the rest of yours." He'll move and back up a little, still looking at her, as if to delay parting, but a wrought iron chair finds the back of his thigh there. The scratch on the ground might draw attention, but reminds him to wave, which he does then gets moving for real. Of course, five minutes tops later, a text will come through. Including a snap of himself, no smiles of course, 'Just so you have my number too.'

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Amelia & Samuel

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