Worm Serial Killers

The Firehouse Grill

Sunday, somewhere between brunch and lunch. The normal sunday morning crowds that tend to be out and about after doing obligatory things in their lives are thinning at least. Samuel usual tends the bar, but not much work there on a Sunday morning. He's been doubling as bussing for sister(s) and additional wait staff, keeping the tables flowing. With the lull starting to show up, folks going to do yard work, or watch games at home, or relax, its his turn as well. He finds a spot at the bar for a quick bite even, something halfway healthy, not fried, perhaps a steamed veggie mix. Instead of getting lost in a TV behind the bar or something, he'd rather look at the people about and look outside. He might be off early today and could be plotting already just getting out there and doing something, even just enjoying the crisp air foretelling the coming of fall later in the month.

Elliot walks into the grill and nods to those who recognize him. He smiles as he slides onto a stool next to Samuel. "What's up, Bates?" He asks. He only calls Samuel, Bates. He calls the sisters by their names. Partly out of respect, mostly due to fear of what they'd do to him. "So.. you think the Pats have a chance against the Raiders today?" He smirks, waving it off. "Hell, the Sox have a chance against the Raiders." He sighs.

"Hey Elliot," grins the slightly older boy. Once joined, he slides the app plate between them, the other can finger grab and snack as he wants. Unless he wants to order a meal himself, but the sharing is offer. "Heh, the Sox are doign good, they have a chance against the Rangers too next month." Alas, hockey is a month out, but he grins, "I think they do, I might miss the game, I get off early. Its a tough choice, watch the game or fresh air." That and of course phone has updates constantly anyways. "Ready for school?" (assuming it hasn't started, otherwise, "How's school this year?")

Elliot raises a brow. "I'd rather be outside. Which… kinda reminds me. Your family's one of the founder's right?" How exactly do you ask someone if they're a witch? Elliot sits at the bar with Samuel, talking sports for now. It's a lazy Sunday, late morning/early afternoon, the brunch crowd already come and gone. "School? Yeah. Starting my second year and Claud's starting this year too. So I've got to 'show her the ropes' so to speak.."

On a break, having helped with sunday morning brunch/breakfast goers, Samuel takes a rest at the bar. Iced tea from the fountain in hand, he's slid his plate of steamed veggies/appitzers between him and Elliot as the other bow arrived. "Make sure she avoids the soda machine in (donor name)'s Hall, its been eating dollars like crazy. I took a couple summer classes, Middle English Lit and Democracy in Public Administration." Turning more to look at Elliot, Samuel does rub the sugilite ring on his left hand with his thumb, "Yeah, we've been here since the beginning." Perhaps the ring might be a clue to how does one ask, or even consider.

Elliot nods, catching the movement of the hand and the ring. "Then.. you know what this is." He holds up his hand, shower of a sleek, dark hematite ring. "I think we need to talk." He looks around, not knowing how or where to discuss it. He nods about school. "I stayed away from school for the summer. I worked for my grandparents over at Garden Gate. Thankfully the work is slowing down some now, with the harvest coming soon."

From way of the street, Amelia pushes through the door. Immediately she is thankful for the cool kiss of the air-conditioned. A mall wave is offered to a table of peers before she makes her way toward the bar, a small sheet of paper held tightly in her hand. "Hi Elliot." Since the brother of her bestie is no doubt familiar to her.

Elliot looks up as the conversation is derailed as Samuel gets up to answer a phone call. He turns at a voice, and his face goes brighter than would possibly considered normal. "Amelia!" He says, then clears his throat, trying to act cool. "I mean, Hey." He grins. "What's up?" He remembers that he'd wanted to talk to her as well, from another Founding Family. He puts his hand, with the ring, through his hair.

Amelia laughs softly at the brightness. Who doesn't love a greeting like that? "Not a lot. Picking up lunch for grandparents." The paper is set on the bar top before her very meticulously manicured nails begin to drum out a slow little beat. "How have you been?"

Elliot shrugs. "I'm good. Getting ready for school and all. I got a break from work today, so I came to talk to Bates about something." He thinks a second. "Actually… I think you might be interested in this as well." He says. "And actually, I was just talking to Claud the other day about not seeing enough of you. I mean, I haven't seen you around in a while." He says, blushing slightly, then clearing his throat.

Amelia narrows her eyes, though softly. "Oh? Might I?" She grins gently before shifting her blue eyes toward Samuel as he chatters on his call. "Yes, we've been on vacation. I've never been so happy to see Haven Point in my life. A fisherman I am not. In fact, I think I've given up fish for life."

Having gotten up for the phone, Samuel is behind the bar now when he returns to the two. Reaching over to grab something from the app plate he left there, he grins, "Hey, Amelia. Whatcha drinkin'?" He'll pour something off the tap, non-alcoholic. She's close enough to family to get that. "Hey, we should talk about that later Elliot. I might walk out near Reecer Creek when I get off if you like." If Amelia takes something he pours it, and offers, "You too Elliot, on me …" Then of course blinking more at Amelia, having caught the tail end of that, "Giving up fish, seriously?" Smiling between the two, hopefully not having interrupted something.

Elliot nods. "Yeah.. You're… from a Founding Family, right?" He swallows and holds up his hand, with the ring. "Does this.. mean anything to you?" He looks to Samuel. He obviously knows what it's about. "Reecer Creek. Got it." he looks to Amelia. "You should join us. I mean, if you want." He wrinkles his nose as she mentions fish. "Yeah.. Water creatures aren't my cup of tea. A good salad, though.. that's a different story." He grins, looking back to Amelia. "Haven Point's happy to see you too."

"I am. It means that I have more than my fair share of expectations and aggravations." Still she smiles, perhaps not put out by that. "I may join you, if only because I have spent an unfair amount of time with my family over the past few weeks. I've began to consider selling Maddie Lou to the circus." Maddie being the 3 year old sister of Amelia. Samuels offer is eventually acknowledged by the blond. A pale brow arches at Elliot, but the smile is for Sam. "Sweet tea? Thank you very much. How have you been Sammie?"

Two things he knows at least, one the potential of such a ring, or the stone itself, and that one of the other boys parents is part of a founding family. The second thing also suggests, and he knows it, that anything to stem from that is hit or miss, so the ring question could be an affirmation of sorts to Samuel. "I could know something …. but maybe not here?" To talk about it that is, as in, he'd open up more simply because of the family history and the city. A sweet tea it is, and if she prefers lemons, one is stabbed with a plastic sword and put into it anyways. A few cherries in grenadine are offered over to, peace offering, Elliot could help himself to them. A chuckle at the circus thought, "I'd pay to see that. You should meet the new girl, I think her sister is the same age." Which could help, or she might know of a good circus that is buying 3-year-olds, one of the two. "I'm doing good, ready for school to start. Glad your back. I was gonna throw out a line, but I'll leave it here and just enjoy the walk." For the both of them, if Amelia wants to join int.

Elliot nods, taking the avoidance of an answer as an answer in itself. He nods to the both of them. "Oh.. Sure. Sounds good." He says, hushing about the subject. He then laughs at the thought of selling off little sisters. "Good luck. I couldn't get them to take Claudia back in the day." He grins, then looks. "A walk? Now-Ish? Works for me."

Amelia smiles as her order is taken and she can turn her attention back on the boys. "I can't go until I drop their food off, but if you think this white girl is walking the five miles to Reecer Creek, you've lost your pretty little minds. I'm far too delicate a flower." She laughs, but she is at least mostly serious. It's a long way!

"Anyway, my daddy would have a litter if he knew I was walking around out there." Much less out there, but that's a different thing all together.

Chuckling at Elliot, a nod of his head, "Sounds like I just got lucky in the sibling department." Knowing full well they're joking as families do some times at least, taking the good and bad of siblings, though less bad amongst the Bates is all. "And yes, we're completely lost. Not like we're going out after dark or anything." A shrug though, and certainly would be one of the last places he'd go in the dark, "But I wouldn't want to do anything dangerous, if something happened to you, my sister wouldn't let me hear the end of it you know." He looks back towards the kitchen. "When you're food comes, we could walk over with you?" To deliver the food at least. She could go her way, they could decide on some place else to walk.

Elliot shrugs and pulls out his keys. "Or.. we could drive." He grins. "We can meet you down there after you feed your folks." He says, respecting her job, where he's been spending more and more time with his own grandparents. He looks over to Samuel and just shakes his head. "Sisters. They'll be the death of us." He winks.

Amelia laughs and offers a nod over, though as the orders are delivered in those adorable styrofoam containers she takes them and pays promptly. "I hate to hold you guys up, but maybe I can meet you there after I deal with all this. In fact I'll go now, and maybe I can use my sisters car. She's got a cold and she won't leave the house. Someone may see her with puffy eyes and her bright red nose." While Amelia seems delighted at Abigail's misfortune, she doesn't voice it. Not aloud anyway.

Grinning just the same, the amusement abound between the lot not lost on Samuel. "I wouldn't complain, and mine aren't for trade." That and, he's protective of them, so certainly not going to some foster family with another boy at least. "Sure, meet us out there, by the bridge." Assumin Reecer Creek Road has a bridge over said Creek of course. "We'll stay up there, no wandering the woods even. Beside, can't pass it up, look like a good day out there." That is being outside in it. Over to Elliot he nods, "I'm good for a ride." Topping off drinks between the two, he'll grab the plate he started to take it to the kitchen window (or into kitchen), and check out even, grabbing a jacket to done over faded black t-shirt and jeans, fall is in the air.

Elliot nods and smiles. "Awesome. I guess we'll all meet there." He grins, glad to have made some headway. His grandparents would be proud. He takes his keys and heads out with Sam, heading to his car.

Reecer Creek

Though not far from the road, the sounds of tumbling water over smooth stones eclipses the sounds of the road, giving the area near the creek banks a serene feel. The creek slopes downward, surrounded by a thicket of pines and elm trees with trunks so close in some places they nearly form a wall. The water is clear in the shallows, but deepens into a brown-green color where the depth is a little more drastic - in fact, some might not call this a creek at all, as it is wide and deep enough in some parts to be considered a small river. There is much wildlife around these parts, ducks, fish, and small woodland mammals - it just takes an observant eye and a quiet step to meet them.

The sky is clear brilliant blue and there's a light breeze from the west. It's warm. The deep green leaves of the trees and bushes rustle in the breeze, which provides welcome cooling from the heat of the blazing sun.

With Elliot offering to drive, Samuel took it up, Amelia could join later. If Elliot didn't object, a fishing pole would be grabbed just the same, but if he didn't want to be around fishing, the pole stays behind. When they get there, to the bridge at least, or some shoulder to park on before the bridge, it leaves the two walking for the section over the water, near one of the bigger pilons that hold the bridge up, for a bit of deep water to cast his line into if he's fishing, hoping for catfish today it would seem. Still, he's talking to Elliot, "The ring, I know what it means, or think I do, Cunningham, means you're lucky - or unlucky, take your pick?" Looking more at the other boy as they walk.

Of course, there is a figure sitting up near the vicinity of the bridge, blonde of hair, perhaps a ball cap on. Though, Samuel seems in the conversation with Elliot, that is just starting, so doesn't see the somewhat recognizable features of that figure (Evie).

Elliot nods and walks with Samuel. "So.. you're one too? From your family, right? See, Gramps Callahan told me that all the Foundling lines had witches in them. So far, I'm the only one in the Callahan line with any power." He doesn't mind the fishing pole at all. "I just figured that we could work together. Try to gather all the scions of the Founders, like you. Hopefully Amelia, if she's one too." he doesn't notice Evie just yet.

Sitting at the side, Evie has her ball cap on backwards, faded jeans with the knees worn out and a plain shirt. One knee is bent as her forearm rests on one knee and that hand holds a hook. The other hand is holding a worm and her face is lost in concentration as she tries to make herself murder the poor unsuspecting brown thing. Taking a deep breath, she holds it in and closes her eyes to sort of get the courage up. As soon as she opens her eyes and before she can change her mind, she forces the worm on the hook.

Well the blood is a shocker but the gagging that follows comes naturally.

"Yeah, but my folks were both from founding families, hard for us not to … you know, lack power." Using the other boys words, Samuel continues to talk about it. "I could maybe talk about it, but we're not allowed to work together, in circles. Its been banned, outside the Elders." Not sure how much the other boy knows. Of course, he's talking about circles and elders the moment he notices Evie up ahead. He head nods, to indicate, inneundo implied, can't talk about it so much, to be on the safe side.

He does see how it is, and notices the gagging reaction, worm hooked and all, ready to go, he chuckles a little. Calling out a greeting of sorts, "What, they don't let you fish in the rivers in New York?" Guessing perhaps what the reaction is from, assuming a fish wasn't caught to induce that, and trying to pull a hook out of something inside its mouth or gills.

Elliot shrugs. "I don't want a circle. Not something bound. I just thought it would be cool to work together." He stops as soon as Samuel indicates a stranger amongst them. He nods to Sam, hushing as they make their way over to Evie. Obviously Samuel must know her, so he waits for the boy to make the introduction.

If Evie overhears part of the conversation her expression doesn't show it right away except for a thoughtful look given to the two of them once she had wiped the worm blood off her hand. "I'm trying to teach myself. These how-to videos don't show blood when they bait the hook." She pushes herself to her feet and wipes off the backside of her jeans, looking between the two with a guarded expression. "Hey," she nods to Elliot with that detached manner she usually wears.

"Allright, would be good to talk to someone else," Samuel admits to Elliot, continuing to walk. He continues to close the distance to Evie just the same. "Nah, they assume you know the blood is in there," still a grin at him, curious about teaching oneself how to fish. "You don't have to use a worm you know, depends what you're after. Plenty of stink bait at the gas station." The last one on Reecer Creek Road coming out of town, knowing people travel this way to fish. "Just smells, no blood. And you could ask, if you want to learn?" Then he nods over to the other boy, "This is Elliot here, and this is Evie. She'll be up at school with us too."

Elliot nods. "Yeah. That's why I wanted to talk to Amelia about it too." And not for any other more obvious reasons. He nods and offers a warm smile to Evie. "Hey." He says. "A pleasure to meet you, despite the worm immolation." He grins. "Welcome to Haven Point. Hopefully our sleepy little town hasn't bored you into becoming a worm serial killer for excitement."

"Yeah, but it's so small, I didn't think there'd be that much of it." Evie crinkles her nose in distaste. With her hands wiped off, the seat of her jeans wiped off, she finds herself with a sudden lack of anything to do with her hands and she shoves them in her back pockets. "I don't think I want to use anything that is deliberately named stink bait. Besides, my baby sister would freak if I tried to get her to. She's all girly." At the introduction, dark eyes rest back on Elliot and at the teasing remarks she even checks her attitude some. "I hear there's enough serial killing without me joining in." A wary look is cast towards the forest. "So you've both been here forever?"

"See what she says, I can talk with my sisters," returns Samuel to Elliot, but then he turns and grins at Evie, "Try to push the hook in near a ring, might get a little less next time, they're not all bleeders like that." He moves over to grab the pole, as she's left it on the ground, baited and ready, then put her hands into her back pockets. "Fish won't jump out for the worm. You want to try that part," offering it over, not assuming to take command of her line like that, there is etiquette when fishing. He does look at the worm half a moment, with the current in the creek, just to see its through the center enough that it wan't wash off. Half a chuckle at worm serial killers, Samuel has nothing to add, but appreciates the humor it seems. "Okay, worms it is, if your sister is too girlie, get the rubber ones, but get the spray, most fish aren't buying it." Wiggly jello worms that is. "My whole life, its home, any better today, or still sentenced here?"

Elliot cringes as Evie talks about some of the legends. "Sorry. You're right. Poor choice of words on my part." he thinks. "You can use corn too?" He adds, as a suggestion. "A can of niblets works wonders, and no blood. Only you would have to bait the hook. Corn is a smaller target and it's easier to slip." he cringes, thinking of places a hook to mistakenly slip into. "Yeah. Sam here, his family owns the Firehouse Grill. My grandparents own the Garden Gate and my Uncle owns the Bookstore." he smiles. "Why? Did you have some questions about the town? We could guide you around." he offers, being friendly.

"Yeah," Evie looks dubiously at the pole, or more precisely at the worm on the hook on the line of the pole in his hand. "Yeah I've not got to that video yet, the casting part of it. Something about pushing a button and holding it and letting it go and tightening it, it's all confusing. I'm doing one step at a time." She sounds completely serious. "Wait, spray? Rubber ones?" Her lips twist ruefully. "I have a lot to learn," giving a long suffering sigh. "Yeah still sentenced to the boonies."

Seeing the cringe from Elliot, Evie tilts her head. "Corn.. how you going to get it to stick under water to a hook?" Looking between them, she nods about the Firehouse, having learned that information the day before. "Yeah I always have questions about the town. It's dangerous out of the city limits with something that's eating people. And in town, it's dangerous alone, especially after dark. The train station is one creepy mother…" she stops before she cusses and shrugs. "I know Bookie, she works in the bookstore. Cool girl."

Still a soft grin at her confusion in fishing, and being in the boonies, plenty of time to change that maybe, who knows. Samuel nods agreement with what Elliot says about ohter parts of town. Though he holds the pool up. "You're reel goes on top, grip with four fingers, push with thumb," holding up and demonstrating, "Just like throwing a football, let go about your shoulder, the weight of the hook and your sinkers will do the rest." Assuming she has sinkers on the line. "Get the hang of it, we'll get you on a reel."

As for the local topic at hand, "Just haunted … and not like there isn't that devil down in Jersey right, he eat's people too?" Though doesn't quite go into the many oddities of Haven Point just yet, seeing how the other two play off each other. Looking more at Elliot, as it could be topic for helping each other out, but doesn't brooch it in front of Evie it seems.

Elliot looks over. "You shove the hook through the meaty part. It stays on. You usually slide two or three on at a time." He blinks as she seems to go on about the doom & gloom of the town. "We don't know what's going on out of the city limits, that's true. I wouldn't go camping alone. There's nothing wrong with the town at night though. Certain people just need to be careful about what they say." He takes a good look at Evie. It may look like he's checking her out, but it's more of a fact that he's checking to see if she's wearing a stone or any other telltale jewelry. "The train station… yeah.. There's some bad vibes there. Only the kids who try to prove themselves go there by themselves at night." At the mention of 'Bookie' he laughs. "Yes.. She does. She's also my little sister, Claudia. She is good people."

Looking between them at the instructions, Evie takes the pole, if he offers it, using four fingers to hold it, placing her thumb on the button, she seems to at least have that part right. There's a nod about the corn though and she looks pretty much bemused about the rest. Evie has on some jewelry, if one were more schooled in the knowledge of it they may recognize a symbol of water. There are no obvious stones though, just a ring, a necklace with a small vial looking silver charm and with the legs of her pants rolled up she's got on an ankle bracelet (All jewelry is on her wiki, but the talisman is tucked into her shirt.) "Yeah, I like her. She helped me choose some kid books for my sister. So you're Bookie's brother?"

Samuel is inversely not looking over her, not certain how slip ups last time went, so toeing a line clearly. Alas, if he saw the water symbol, might be an entirely different story though with curiousity. "See, a natural, you sure this is your first time out in the boonies?" He stands back so she can cast it, listening to the two talk about Elliot's sisters. "If you want to learn for your sister, Elliot is dead on with the corn. Hit any small lake, corn on a hook, you can troll the shore for blue gill and sun fish. She can watch them come up and go for it even. All catch and release though, not enough eat there, but a good way to start fishing. Has that excitement to it." Watching that is.

Elliot watches Evie cast. "Not bad for a YouTube Rookie." He grins, then nods. "Yeah, Claudia's my sister. Younger by about 10 months. We have an odd non-twin thing going on." He grins. "So you've got a younger sister. She's like the school here. It's pretty good. My mom teaches 4th grade. So.. are you Evie, like Madonna, Beyonce, or Prince? Or is there a last name attached there?" he smiles, take a seat on the bridge just to rest. He gives her space, though.

Evie is still holding the pole, but she's not cast it, she's holding it though, pretty tightly. "Yeah a natural," she rolls her eyes, she knows better. In an almost comical mimic from some B rated movie, she pulls it back and casts.. letting go of the button, and the handle, and the whole thing goes flying into the river. Gasping, round eyed, she gapes down at the water, not saying anything, not moving, stunned she was so stupid. Finally, she just.. points, then looks at Samuel and Elliot. "I.. dropped it." Threw it, but who's counting? Shaking her head, she just considers it gone and looks, with slow motion, back at Elliot. "Brie is three, she's not in school yet." As far as last names go, she shrugs, "Yeah, there's a last name. Apparently, it's not Fisher."

The pole goes, Samuel is grinning. There is half a second in his eyes where the gut reaction is to go to the edge of the bridge and do what he can to save the pole. Which of course isn't a good idea in mixed company by any means. Thus he gives into the laugh instead, after that perhaps noticeable span, but teh throwing of the pull does pull at his sense of humor. "Hey, it happens, we can get you a better. I have a few old ones. Maybe practice with a bolt in a park." No water, all land. Though he'd rather be by the water. "Apparently it wasn't, Fish, but things change quickly in the boonies." Still grinning about the pole sailing into the water.

<Game> Elliot rolls Dexterity+Swimming. Result: 10 (1st Lvl: Adequate)

Elliot blinks as the entire rod goes….. sailing… "Oh crap." He says, standing quickly and pulling off his shirt, shoes, and pants (cover your eyes, kids). In his shorts, he dives into the deeper end of the river and starts to swim to the area where the pole went when it made a 'splash'.

Yeah Evie isn't even referencing the pole, preferring the embarrassing debacle to go away than to talk about it. Seems Elliot has other ideas though and suddenly he's down to his skivvies and diving into the water! "Wait!" Too late. She leans forward to watch, shaking her head. "And thus ended my short lived Fishing career. However, it has given Fish down there a nice nickname, you think, Small Town?" Satisfied that all was suddenly well with her world since everything was nicely slotted into place, she crosses her arms over her chest and shakes her head. "I should get back to town."

"I think that's cheating, if I call you Fish, you can't just turn it on him like that," grins Samuel, going over to look down at the edge. "But, now, once he comes up on your pole, I think you'll have the Reecer Creek Bridge Record. Too bad, I don't have my camera, for you to hold him up as proof when we get him out of there." Though, he's quite the swimmer, no need to reel him out it seems even. "So soon, he'll have that pole back and you could try again even?" As if not wanting her to go even, but careful in how he says it after the other night.

<Game> Elliot rolls Perception+Intelligence. Result: 7 (No Success)

Elliot comes up for air, looking around. He can't hear what they're saying as he's in the water. He goes under again, trying to find it.

<Game> Elliot rolls Perception+Intelligence. Result: 8 (No Success)

Elliot climbs out of the creek, slowly making his way up to the bridge. "Sorry. I couldn't find it." he says, then grabs his clothes, walking over to a group of trees and changes back into them, sans his shorts.

"Yeah but it's so fitting, look at him down there. Besides, there's no shame in my game." Evie watches as Elliot surfaces then goes back down. When he finally comes out, she offers him a smirk. "Thanks for trying. If I had a towel I'd give it to you." She bends down and picks up the small tackle box and the carton of worms. The latter, she offers to Samuel, "Will you release them unto the wild?" There's an amused look. "But I better get back in case my mother calls, needing me to get my sis."

"Hey, it was a good effort," returns Samuel to Elliot as the other fellow returns, "And if it was warmer, I might of joined you." Mid-august, definitely would be good for a swim. "I concede, the name is fitting, Shameless." He tries another, not that its his bag, giving nicknames. A quick look to her as he takes the carton. "They're still good worms," but he can't keep her out here, he instead offers, "Your both still welcome to the Firehouse, and if you want to learn fishing, I'm open to helping." So would others in the town, for her, at least he thinks so.

Elliot nods and smiles to Evie. "No problem. It's all good. I might have something in the car." He says, running a hand through his wet hair. "Take it easy, Evie. I'll tell Claud that I ran into you." He looks to Samuel. "Can I give you a ride back to the Grill?"

With her tacklebox in hand and the worms delivered from a torturous serial killer, Evie looks back at Samuel when he calls her Shameless. Offering a wink and a thumbs up, she nods, "You got it now. Nicknames are where it's at. As for the Firehouse, I'm sure I'll be by there sometime soon." There's a nod offered to Elliot also, "Sure thing, tell her I said hey. I'll catch you both later." She salutes and turns to start her walk back into town, whistling.

"I'll have my eyes out," no wait, that sounds creeper, but he said it, so Samuel saves to her salute. Not quote one himself, but three fingers up, boyscouts like, to wave her off as she starts to walk. Turning back to Elliot, "Yeah, I'll take the ride back, I don't think she wants me walking along." Then more to him and a chuckle, "I can't believe you went in for it. If you wanted to swim, we could of found something closer to home I bet." A tease is all, he'll move to dig the clothes Elliot tossed about, so he can get dressed and start to dry at least.

Elliot laughs, as he'd already dressed, holding his wet shorts in his hand, hiding it behind his back to be decent. He nods. "Dude.. Don't appear to be so desperate. They can smell it a mile away." Pot calling the kettle black. He winks. "And if you wanted to see me with less clothes on, you could've just said so." He says as he starts walking back to the car.

Turning around, Evie walks backwards and motions to Samuel, "Keep your eyes in, they look better there." With a laugh, she turns back around and continues on her way home, leaving the guys to gather in the vehicle and head back.

"Yeah, that's probably what it is," appearing desparate, Samuel that is and luck with the ladies, that and family obligations which eats at his free time it seems. A grin at her telling him to keep his eyes in his head, he waves again, but a hint of color even. Hey, they look better there is nearly a compliment in a way. Then a laugh back at Elliot's comment about seeing him with less clothes on, "Yeah, that so, I didn't want to come off as desparate, the ruse too much, you're saying." He heads back with Elliot towards his car.

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