To Tell The Truth

Elliot makes his way into the house, his hair is wet and his clothes seem to be getting wet from the inside out.

As the door opens to let Elliot in Claudia glances over from where she stands in the kitchen putting up the dishes from the dishwasher. "What happened to you?" she asks after a glance towards the window to confirm the thought that its not raining out.

Elliot laughs as he gets in. "I took an impromptu dip in Reecer Creek without a towel or a change of clothes." He grins, walking to the linen closet and grabbing a towel, using it to dry his hair. "I met that girl from New York, Evie. She was trying to learn how to fish from YouTube… Well, Samuel tried to teach her how to cast, and she ended up tossing the entire rod in the Creek. I jumped in to try and save it." He shrugs.

Claudia narrows her gaze for a moment, raising a brow at his story before she laughs. "She seems nice. I met her at Rosalinda's last week and she stopped into the store the other day. But seriously? Trying to learn to fish off YouTube?" She just shakes her head. "Did you manage to save it though?"

Elliot shrugs. "She seems to be. Sam seems to have a thing for her. It was oozing through his pores." He shakes his head. "Unfortunately, no. I lost it." He smirks. "That reminds me, Amelia came by the Grill this morning. She seems to be back in town."

Claudia frowns briefly. "Well at least you tried," she replies with a shrug. "I'll have to remember that about Sam though." She'll have to give him a hard time about it later. "Is she?" she perks up a bit more at the mention of her friend. "I think I knew that, but how's she doing?"

Elliot nods. "Yeah. I guess it kinda creeped her out because he was trying to restrain himself, which isn't typical of him." He nods about Amelia. "She looks great, as always. She was picking up dinner for her grandparents." He cranes his neck to look around, seeing that they're alone. "Sam's like me. I think Amelia is too. I'm trying to get a group together.."

Claudia just shakes her head and smiles. Boys. "We'll catch up soon enough I'm sure," she says of Amelia before cocking her head at his next thought. "You need to be careful about that."

Elliot raises a brow. "I know Sam said he couldn't do anything outside the family, and the Elders don't want it. I don't want to bind." he shakes his head. "I *know* I'm not the only one out there that thinks we need to do this." He looks to Claudia. "Why? What have you heard?"

Claudia sighs. "Just be careful who you talk to about it? I mean how do you know Sam and Amelia are? And binding?" she sounds slightly confused by the term even if she tries to make the question sound more like a why would you want to, or wouldn't you want to. "I haven't heard anything. Why would you think I would have?"

Elliot sighs. "Gram and Gramps taught me about the Families. We're all descended from Salem witches. Which means that there's power in each one of the Families. Amelia knows what this means." He holds up the hematite ring with the earth symbol on it. "It's not like I'm spreading rumors. If it's not Amelia, than it's one of her siblings. Same with the Gormans and the Ayers. And the Cunninghams, through Amelia, and her cousins."

"You might think you know that, but the whole town doesn't," Claudia retorts. "Heck you just sound crazy to me right about now. Grandma and Grandpa Callahan are teaching you about 'the Families'," she even makes quotes in the air with her fingers. "Elliot the only thing I hear from them is card in the mail a week late for my birthday."

Elliot rolls his eyes, shaking his head. "Fine. You don't understand, I get it. It has something to do with Mom. She pissed them off or something. I'm trying to mend that fence. I know it's not the whole town. I'm being careful. Hell, you hang out at Rosalinda's. What do you think that place is for?"

Claudia rolls her eyes right back at him. "There's a sign on the door that says 'pool hall'," she replies about Rosalinda's. "What you do you think its for?" Hello obvious! "Look," she starts again after a brief pause. "Just don't let dad hear you talking like this. I don't know that it'd be good to let mom hear it either for that matter."

Elliot sighs and nods, taking hold of Claudia's hands. "I'm not going to let them hear it. I'm not looking to endanger them." He looks into her eyes. "You've always had may back and I'll always have yours. We have no secrets. It's the only reason why I'm telling you. Don't worry about me. I'll be safe… and quiet."

"Don't," Claudia starts to say something as he takes her hands, the words stopping mid thought. For a second it might seem almost like she's looking through him before she blinks. Drawing in a breath she sighs, "There will always be secrets El, and don't make me promises you can't keep."

Elliot shakes his head. "There's no secrets between us. We know everything about each other. And I never make promises that I can't keep. Especially to you." He looks at her. "What's wrong? What's got you so spooked?"

"Its nothing," Claudia replies with a shake of her head. "I just thought I saw something," the girl adds, brushing whatever it was aside. "But I'm not like you," she says bluntly. "I don't expect you to understand, but I'm not and I don't know that I want to be in the middle of whatever it is that this is that you're starting with Sam."

Elliot shakes his head. "You don't have to be in the middle. I'll keep you safe. I know you're not like us. I'm glad.. I mean, I think it's safer for you that way." He looks. "What do you mean, 'saw' something?" He looks around.

Claudia sighs, "Right," she relents at his knowing. "Then why are you telling me?" Some things its safer not to know after all. "I'm sure it was nothing," she says next in reply to his question, throwing in a smile for added reassurance. "Just, thought I saw something outside."

Elliot sighs and shakes his head, releasing her hands. "I just wanted you to know that you could come talk to me about these concerns. And i like being able to talk to you too." He looks in her face. "That's not changing because we're grown up now, is it?"

"Thanks Elliot," Claudia replies, a soft smile tugging at the corners of her lips. "And no, not because we're grown up. You'll always be my brother, no matter how annoying that might be sometimes," she adds the last with a teasing grin.

Elliot nods and smiles. "Alright. I'm gonna take a shower and get into some dry clothes. Did you have dinner yet?" He smiles, glad for the end of that discussion. he wraps the towel around his neck.

Claudia shakes her head, "No, not yet and mom and dad have that thing with the Bauers tonight so we're on our own. But yeah, go get cleaned up, or at least dried off."

Elliot nods. "Alright. if you want, we can go hit the Grill or something. My treat." He smiles as he heads upstairs to his room.After a good 30 minutes, he returns back down, freshly showered and clean clothes on.

OOC Date: 2015.05.14
IC Date: 2014.09.20
Cast: Claudia and Elliot

Hale Residence

Entering the home stairs rise up to the upper level while a series of open doorways lead off to the dining room and kitchen. A powder room and study also grace one wall, their doors left open when not in use.

Original hardwood floors stretch throughout the home and the living room is no exception, a lush cream rug centering the seating area with a traditional coffee table surrounded by a couch and two chairs. To the left of the door is a distressed dresser set with a vase of flowers and a small bowl for capturing keys. The front wall is set with a series of windows bringing light to the space, while another is set with a fireplace a built-in bookshelf on either side full of old texts and a smattering of knick-knacks and family photos collected over many years.

Outside, the deep blue night sky is clear and cloudless, and the stars glitter. An icy wind blows from the northwest. Leaves on the ground rustle, unseen, stirred by the winds. Falling leaves blow past you, whirled around by the wind in the dark.

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