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Elliot makes his way into the Grill with Claudia in tow. He looks around and, where this morning he met Samuel at the bar, decides to take a booth. "So how's the bookstore going? Oh, Evie mentioned meeting you there. She said you were cool. She calls you "Bookie"." he grins, picking up the menu.

Claudia slips into the booth across from Elliot as he selects a table. "Yeah?" she comments on the New Yorker. "She seems pretty cool too. Stopped by looking for a couple books for her sister. Apparently she thinks because she got books for school she needed some too." The little sister needs them because Evie got some that is. "But the store's doing good."

Elliot smiles. "That's cute. She's really into her little sister. Joked about selling her to a circus. I told her she'd have no luck since I couldn't get them to take you." He chuckles. "Good. I know how hard you work there." He grins, checking the menu. "Anything you're in the mood for?"

Meadow had already been working today and with her tips, she'd gone to the drugstore cause of the old fashioned soda fountain there. Leaving Samuel to his own thing, she returns, intending to just head upstairs to her bedroom but instead, she looks around. In her hand, she has a cup from the drugstore, sporting an ice cream shake of some kind. When she notices Elliot and Claudia she lifts a hand in a wave, "Hi!" she calls out, but she doesn't move over to interrupt them.

Claudia rolls her eyes at her brother. "Yeah? And how old were you when you tried that?" she asks teasingly. They aren't that different in age really after all. Catching the wave from Meadowlark, she turns a smile towards the girl, lifting a hand in return, "Hi!" she calls back, more that happy to have the other girl join them if she wants.

Elliot shrugs. "Dunno. Maybe 5?" He chuckles, joking. He looks at the menu. "Not sure is I want a pizza or steak tips." He looks up as he hears a voice, and then Claudia replying. He looks over as he sees another of the Bates sibs. "Oh, hey Meadow. How's it going?" he asks, making room for her to join them if she wishes.

Meadow hadn't intended on joining, but when Elliot makes room, she comes over anyway and slips into one of the seats, face wreathed in a smile. "It's going good, life is perfect, I have a butterscotch milkshake so how could it possibly get any better?" She's dressed in a skirt and matching skirt that look expensive, but are more than likely second hand. "Are you both eating here tonight?"

Claudia laughs. "Right," she comments to her brother before glancing back to the menu. As the Bates sister joins them she tosses a smile up to her. "If it was vanilla," that's how it could be better. Well, for Claudia anyway. "Seems so," she replies about eating at the Firehouse tonight, "What do I want?" Because apparently she's having a hard time deciding.

Elliot nods to Meadow. "Looking good." He smiles, warmly. "Yeah. I was here early talking to Samuel. Figured I'd be the big spender and treat Claudia tonight." He looks. "Besides butterscotch, what's got you in such a good mood?" He asks, and yes he's prying, thankyouverymuch. "You missed watching me dive into the Creek earlier."

"Quesadilla for app, if you're even getting an app, then the fajitas for dinner, combo, for two." Meadow smiles as she looks down at her shake and wiggles her cup. "There's vanilla in here with the butterscotch," she teases Claudia. "Samuel was in a good mood, he was full of talking about Amelia." She grins. "I'm thinking he's liking her." Her eyes widen. "You went swimming in the Creek? I hope you didn't freeze, and can't a girl just be in a good mood?"

"I don't know that I can eat that much, but quesadilla does sound good," Claudia agrees, closing the menu with that decision made. Sticking her tongue out at Meadowlark she laughs, "Yah, well the butterscotch kinda ruins it for me." As for their brothers, "Yeah?" about Samuel, "He didn't tell you the part about because a girl threw her fishing pole in the water and he went in to get it and couldn't find it," as to her own.

Elliot nods and closes the menu. When the server arrives, he places the order. He raises a brow at the idea of Samuel liking Amelia, and for some reason, isn't fond of that. "That's… funny, because he was sniffing all over that New York girl today. I think the boy's into any girl that isn't related." He grins and nods. "Yeah, she was learning how to fish. Sam was trying to teach her how to cast, and she cast the entire rod into the Creek. Sadly I couldn't find it." He says and grins. "The water wasn't cold. it was invigorating."

"Threw her fishing pole in the water?" Meadow outright laughs, shaking her head. "Why? Fish weren't biting?" Rolling her eyes, she takes a drink of her shake, savoring the flavor. "Next time I know to bring you a vanilla one, Claudia." Hearing the full story, she laughs, "Well someone needs to teach her I guess. She's that City girl that Sammy mentioned then?" She hears the mention from Elliot and gives him an appraising look. "Sounds like someone else has a hat in for Amelia?"

"Its September. It was cold Elliot," Claudia retorts having placed her order with the server as well. A smile is turned on the other girl then, "Why thank you." Not that she really has to, but the thought counts either way. Laughing she gives a light shrug, "Guess someone does if she wants to know how." A grin spreads at Meadowlark's appraisal of her brother, "Yeah, he's got a little crush."

Elliot shrugs. "She was looking for something to do with her little sister. It was cute, really." he shrugs, then looks to the both of them not denying it. "Eh. It would never work. It's not anything serious." Happy to see the server showing up with their drinks. "Oh look, A distraction!"

"Oh!" Totally off subject. "Did Edge of Eternity come in yet?" It was a book Meadow had ordered that was due for release on the sixteenth. Brought back to the matter at hand though, another smile makes an appearance. "I was just teasing you, Elliot, you like who you want to like." Stealing a glance to Claudia, a sort of knowing look.

Claudia laughs, shaking her head at Elliot. "Oh! Yes, I think it came in on Saturday's shipment should be ready if you have time to pick it up tomorrow. Or I could drop it by in the afternoon," she offers. "And speaking of distractions…." she starts, turning a look across the room at the sound of a familiar voice. "I need to catch up with Dean, back soon," she excuses herself, slipping off towards the boy.

Elliot shrugs at Meadow. "You know me. I'm not one for relationships. She deserves better." She looks up oddly as Claudia takes off. "Dean? Who's Dean?" he asks, protectively, looking to get a view of the boy.

"That would be good, Claudia, I can stop by tomorrow, I'll even bring a vanilla shake by." Meadow offers, her smile warm as she watches her escape over to Dean. At Elliot's confession, she nods with a surprisingly solemn look. "Me too, I wouldn't even know the first thing about one. I'm good without someone wanting to come in and rearrange my life for me."
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Elliot chuckles and nods. "I'm not looking to change anyone. I just want to enjoy my time as best as possible." He grins. "And before you ask, it wasn't fear of Samuel that prevented me from asking you out. I'm more afraid of you beating me up than him."

"You should be afraid of Marty," Meadow murmurs with a smile. "She's as protective or more as Sammy." Laughing though, she shakes her head, "I didn't expect you to ask me out or anything. I mean, no one did in high school and I was sort of grateful to get to concentrate on my grades. Either way, it all worked out, we're friends right? So many people date then end up not friends anymore."

Elliot smirks. "She's scary, yeah. Hot, but scary." He chuckles. "Nono.. I'm not looking to justify anything. There just seems to always be that point when friends ask 'Why didn't we go out'. I just wanted to explain right now that it wasn't that it didn't cross my mind at some point. Hell, Grams keeps trying to fix me up with other girls from the Families." He grins, meaning the Founding Families.

"She's gorgeous!" Meadow can say that because they aren't identical. "That makes sense, I mean I really never was interested in dating before either, so maybe I just put off that vibe. Tell me about my vibe," she laughs, teasing him then. "Is she? I suppose it keeps the blood pure, I could see my grandparents trying to arrange something like that."

Elliot smiles. "You both are. Don't sell yourself short." He says, closing his eyes. "Give me your hand." He says, still smiling as he opens his hand for her. Once she does, he grins. "You're friendly.. and awesome… but there's a.. boundary. You let a few people in, briefly, when you feel lonely, but then when you're done they're right back out. You're protecting something. I don't need or want to know what." He opens his eyes. "I wouldn't mind being let in for a short time." He smiles, joking or not. After that, the server returns with the food.

Meadow does offer her hand when he requests it of her and she opens it, waiting with an expectant expression for him to tell her how he sees her. Her lashes lower to cover her eyes when he makes his observation and she closes her hand as if to cut it off, but when she looks up, there's a smile gracing her lips and a blush in her cheeks. She is saved from response by the server and with the hand he had held, she reaches for her shake, holding the cup as if to let it cool off her skin. "Thank you. I like being awesome." Selecting one of the words he had said about her.

Elliot shrugs and nods. "Well, it's true." He grins. "And you never told me about the garden you've got growing behind your house." He says, holding up the hand that he'd used to 'read' her. On the hand is a smooth black hematite ring with the earth symbol etched in. Of course it was all an excuse to hold a cute girl's hand, but now… "I know. Not here." he says, before there's any warning of not to discuss things. He looks around for Claudia and sighs. "Well, I guess I'm gonna have to take this to go. Thanks for coming by, Meadow. It was nice to see you again." He smiles, genuinely.

Seeing the ring on his hand and the symbol, Meadow cannot help but to smile. She knew they had that in common, but she hadn't been aware he had known. "I wasn't going to chastise you for saying something in here, you're not blatant about anything, much like me." Green eyes sparkle as she stands up when he mentions taking his to go. "Maybe you can come see the garden sometime when you're not out swimming in the creek, rescuing damsels in distress."

Elliot nods. "I starts talking to Sam about something earlier, but…" he waves it off, before going into anything further. He smiles and nods, as the server takes the meal to wrap up. She's back out within moments and hands her his card to pay for the meal. "I will surely leave Samuel to rescue the damsels in order to spend time in your garden." he blinks, realizing how that sounds. "I…mean…" he blushes. "I'd be honored to come by some time." he says, trying to word things so they couldn't be used as innuendo. "Have a good night, Meadow."

With the innuendo, Meadow laughs outright, standing so she's not in his way of getting up too. A curious light flickers to life in her eyes at the mention of talking to Sam about something, but she doesn't push. There's a time and place for everything. "I will show you the garden whenever you want. You too, Elliot, have a good night." She steps aside so he can go.

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