Small Town

Friday night, near midnight. Samuel normally would be at work or studying, but a day off, mostly caught up with stuff for fall break except that 12-pager he has do. He's sure he can whip it up, a few local friends of his had come with him. There was a group, but they're talking with other locals. Not far from the blue glow of the bar itself, he's not drinking shots, nor ale of some sort, but has a tall clear glass filled with something just as clear. The only indication of content might be the stirring straw with the lemon on it, some sort of gin. And trendy enough to have a blue looking plastic gem in it - could be Bombay Sapphire Gin.
Wearing a black hooded jacket, unzipped, over a dark blue t-shirt, showing off another local location in white lettering, he's nursing the cool drink while looking around the bar. He's found a stool, and has turned it around to watch what is going on, more half around. The hand holding the drink is propped on the counter top, his other hand on his knee while he observes what everyone else is doing with a calm curiousity. There is a ring on that finger with a curious blue and purplse stone ( - sugilite). His thumb can't stray from rubbing at it idly while he clanges around.

Evie isn't doing trendy so much as marching to her own beat. Wearing a neon green skirt with black buckles and zippers, pleated and reaching about mid-thigh with fashionably torn fishnet beneath and knee high green and black platform boots boosting her too short height, her top is corset style and laces up the front but over it is worn a hoodie with the hazardous material symbol across the front zipped to just below the swell of her curves. A black cap is worn backwards on her head and she arrives alone, headed for the bar. Black and green fingerless gloves cover her hands and she looks exactly what she is, big city girl in a small town world.

Whether luck or fate or happenstance, as Samuel sits at the bar as another arrives. And being the small city boy he is, his eyes transfix on her, watching her approach, considering the play of black and green that makes up her ensemble, including the hazardous material symbol, or there abouts. It ends near her eyes of course, not sure if she even notices him or not. One good thing going her way, she's new to the city, he doesn't know her. Hopefully different programs at college, if she just started there this year, they're about the same grade - so won't be embarrassing to if he doesn't know her but they had the same class, he hopes at least. Leaning towards at least being friendly, he overcomes just remaining silent. "Hey," he says, loud enough over din and/or music, "Passing through or staying awhile." Its clear enough she's not from around here, which makes him curious of course.

Feeling the gaze of several, some incredulous by her chosen attire, some curious maybe the latter is more like Samuel. Either way, once she approaches the bar, she turns her head and studies him with her dark eyes, the chin length bob of her hair swaying with the movement. Moving up to the seat at the bar beside him, if it happen to be vacant, she slips onto it and drums her fingers silently on the bartop while waiting to place her drink order. "Apparently, I've been sentenced to attend college here this semester at least." It's a rueful look that accompanies her confession. Her jewelry is plenty and all silver. (as shown on her wiki) Eyes flicker to the ring but find his gaze once more. "From New York, originally."

More to her eyes, Samuel catches some of the jewelry and silver, but rather seems want to look at her as he speaks rather than have wandering eyes. Rolling the bottom of his glass with a light rock, fingers over the top, he nods. Half a chuckle, "That bad is it? Or just haven't found anything interesting enough, compared to New York?" He gets it, there is a big difference between the two, maybe he sees his home as a little better than a sentence. But unlike the incredulous onlookers, he's a bit more friendly and tolerant to views not his own. Respecting that she could just as much miss home the same even.

Lacing her fingers together as he meets her eyes, Evie tilts her head to the side and studies him openly, though as the bartender arrives to take her order, she glances towards his drink. "What would you recommend here to drink?" She watches a Blue Lagoon being delivered, on fire, and her brows lift. "A drink with a side of danger, I like it." Dark eyes flicker towards the bartender, "Whatever the gentleman recommends for me." Though she slips her own bank card on the bar towards the bartender. Now she looks back at Samuel with challenge, seeing what he comes up with. "If you're up to the challenge of ordering something you think I'd like."

"For you," he considers, a slight grin, not used to an intrigue even as this. He's used to the granted, his family his friends, but now its as if some creativity is granted him. Samuel can't shake the corner of his mouth with that hint of smile, she can read enjoyment in even this simple exchange for the moment. "The Blue Lagoon," he nods his head at that flaming one that is being delivered, "Hot, but cool. Can burn, but has that smooth edge to it, controlled, unlike some fire." That and the drink itself, that sounds about right, "Then, Bombay Sapphire Collins." A gin drink, the blue bottle can be seen near on the mantle of liquor, the one he's choosing for the gin in his drink. "Its quiet, calm, but has its own edge even if you can't see it." And its a play in his words, going with fire for the city, and his cool gin drink for the small town feel, as if sentenced doesn't mean boring or trite, he'll let her ponder that one if she likes.

His enjoyment catches her off guard, most people around here were as guarded as she was and Evie gives him an open appraisal at the smile, or hint of one. "Maybe if this were an island, the Blue Lagoon would be more fitting because I'm definitely stranded here. The Bombay Sapphire Collins, I wonder if they know Bombay is now Mumbai, the name changed several years ago as did so many others. In India anyway." Resting an arm on the bar she looks back at the bartender since no choice was made for her despite the asking. "Bring me the third one down on your drink list, whatever that may be. I'll live dangerously."

Catching that hint of a smile, Samuel keeps just as much focus in curiosity. Listening to her take on the two drinks, he chuckles lightly. But then she chooses a third on the list for the bartender to get. Tender goes to make it, Cosmopolitan at least for her, not too dangerous, standard fare almost. "I meant both, start with the fire in the Blue Lagoon, maybe the most excitement around here compared to New York, but then the Collins, it looks less exciting, until you get to know it." That and the first one's a shot even, so manageable to get both, drop the shot settle into a drink. "At least its only a semester, down here, but glad you visited at least."

Since she had misunderstood, Evie gives him an apologetic look and leans both arms on the bar and leans in. "What the guys said. This Cosmo, then a Blue Lagoon followed by the Bombay. But I must insist on a shot of tequila for him, with lime and salt." There, she'd buy him a drink for his troubles. "It's for more than a semester. My mother moved me and my little sister down here."

"I'm Samuel," he returns, instead of just guy, and yet, not pressing for her name as he gives his. That smile suggest no need to be apologetic even. "A tequila, that should make us about even, right?" Unless she wants him to catch up on the drink front too, since she has two coming now. No telling how long he's been nursing the current one. "That's good," more than a semester, "Gives us time to figure things out, hopefully so that it's not a sentencing. That or find a way for you to escape to New York again, if that's what you really want."

"Evie." The name given is clipped, wasting no unnecessary energy on offering more of her name. With the Cosmo, she tilts it to him in silent salute before she tips it back and downs what was meant to be a casual drink. "Good stuff," she finally allows, but then there's the flaming Lagoon drink. Twin brows lift. "Gives who time to figure things out? You got a mouse in your pocket, Small Town?"

"Evie," he repeats, drinking from his gin Collins as she takes to the Cosmo. A chuckle at the mouse in his pocket, there is not one there, but he looks down near the one accessory he has, the ring with the purple and blue stone. "Okay, not us, I meant you," cause us implied he might help change her mind, but that was presumptuous he realizes. "Find something you like here at least, make it tolerable. I won't be New York, but it can be less a sentence maybe … someday at least." Hopeful much, he shrugs, "How much have you seen outside campus and the bar scene?" As if that might help.

When he looks at his ring, Evie looks down at it too. "So what's the story on your ring?" Letting the whole 'us' you thing go. "I will, I'm sure I will settle in here eventually, may take a visit to New York now and again for the culture scene but people-wise, all I left behind there was my pops." Reaching for the shot, she gives a half smile. "I've taken my little sister to the park in town, I've been out to the railroad station." The one burned down with the super creepy feelings. "The book store and the pool hall. What else is there? I have to babysit while my mom works and stuff, so most places I go I have Brie."

"Yeah, we like to say its haunted, and the road running past it too, different ghosts or something." He returns about the station itself. "Yeah, you've seen pretty much it, we do have the campgrounds and the reservoir too. Locally, its just deciding where to hang out, you know, at a bar at a park, going fishing off the old train bridge, finding a sand bar to put a fire on. Small town stuff. You're sister might like some of that, good stuff to explore at least, if she doesn't mind nature so much I guess." Then he turns more, looking at his stone. "I like it, sugilite, its either purple or blue, sometimes you find them like this, with the swirl, just drawn to it you could say? You like stones, or?" He looks more at her jewelry, seeing more what she has finally with that curiosity.

"You don't just say it's haunted.." Evie shudders at the memory of the bad vibes out there. "People, college kids, were murdered there, the killer never caught and now, outside of town, you've got something eating people. How do you explain all that.. without no one knowing who or what it is? I've been cautioned it's not safe out of town alone or even in town after dark, on the streets. Sounds like New York all over." Her own jewelry is lacking the stones, more designs made out of the silver by being bent. "Stones are nice though, yeah, I like yours. It's nice, I like the swirling."

"Local legends and stuff, much like any city, dark just isn't always safe, most forests aren't." Wild animals, but more, surely he knows a bit more, as if playing it off even, it seems. "The streets after dark, just stick to friends, people you trust. I noticed you came in a lone, hopefully you drove and parked nearby." Partially questioning that, but then he lifts the stone, "I like it too, sort of, well, you can have two sides if you like to think you do, but really, its all you. There are some really nice green stones like this, with a few other colors swirled in, depends what you like though." Yes, he did notice the green she wore.

"It's dark here, I can tell it is, but just how dark, I don't know. I've been warned by other locals. Never have I felt more like an outsider looking in." Evie reaches for her shot again and tips it back, downing the drink. When she lowers it, she shudders, turning her attention to the taller one. "I kind of like blue ones and green ones. Or even clear ones." Just being enigmatic about it.

"Maybe you feel like an outsider," returns Samuel, drinking more of his gin collins again, taking the stirring stick to remove the lemons with a squeeze, as the alcohol seems to have settled to the bottom. "But you don't have to. You're here for awhile. If you don't feel safe, you know, just come by the Firehouse Grill, I tend there most nights." He looks down though, maybe a hint of shy even, that seems forward, but really, if she doesn't like the darkness that she senses, better to make her feel safe if he can. "Blue and green, I like that." Looking at her, more at her eyes, connecting her green outfit to her eyes now, "It works for you."

Evie lifts the glass and his tequila shot is delivered about the same time. "There's something about the town, I think. A reason we came here of all places to go. It couldn't be just for the college." She is vague though and lifts her shoulders in a deceptively careless shrug. "Firehouse Grill? I've not been there yet, I guess. You tend there?" She smirks. "What's the drink of choice there? Maybe I'll have to come by and try something. Is there a side that is kid friendly though? In case I am babysitting?"

Taking the shot, he prepared it with salt and the lime, offered to her lifted glass. He takes the shot quickly, as if practiced at it, then again, tending bar, he might of sampled a lot. Not in one night at least. "Maybe, could be the town could use you." To her vague comment about a reason, vague himself, no careless shug though. "The drink of choice there is usually a pale ale, something light during a game." Not quite fancy like this place, far from metropolitan at least. "Mine, its Fire and Ice, if you don't mind a martini." A nod, "Kid friendly enough, you know, other then out in the middle of the night or alone in the woods. Tell you what, I could ask around, find a babysitter you can trust, but then, you come visit me one night I'm working?"

"Some say the world will end in fire.. Some say in ice…" Evie muses the well known poem. "Oh, no once she's asleep, my mother takes over. She works from home a lot, so when she's working, I have to stay with her until she falls asleep. Once she's out though, I can get out. I meant take her out for a meal sometime. The Firehouse Grill you said, I didn't know if it was only a bar or a place I could take her for a meal sometimes when she was bored at home."

Listening to her words, the recital of the poem, Samuel gives her a curious look, that she would enjoy the written word, creative and artistic. Then his colors tinge lightly at her words. Realizing his wrongful presumption and nodding quietly. "Oh yes, sorry," sheepish much, "Its a grill and pub, how old is she? I would say any lunch or dinner is fine, just if she's really young, game day probably wouldn't be the best." When the university in town is playing, or some of the States teams even.

"Brie is three. A surprise late in life." Evie rolls her eyes. "It was a shock to everyone." The poem was one of her favorites but she doesn't finish it. Seeing the color in his cheeks, she looks at him curiously, not understanding what had happened there. "I'll bring her in this weekend for lunch then, maybe the park or fishing or something. Or read her some stories out in the shade by the water." Looking at a loss at anything else to do.

"Lunch is good this weekend … and if you cant, next week after school, I'll take care of you both," coming to the Firehouse Grill, Samuel means. Then he says, "That's just what I like, fishing, or swimming in the creek during the day. I wish we had more water truth be told. There's other things, horse back riding, visit the orchard even, if she likes getting out and exploring. But you can do thinks like bowling too, we have stuff like that." Regular stuff, or he hopes it is, not sure what passes as entertainment in New York. "We do have thing's like festivals, parades, carnivals come through from time to time you know. If you like hanging out with your sister, taking care of her, I'll do what I can to find things Brie will like too."

"Whoa, slow down there, Small Town. I barely know your name, what's all this planning stuff, taking care of us both?" Evie lifts a hand in a warding off motion. "I'm used to taking care of myself and my sister. If you're just suggesting things she likes for me to take her then we're cool, I try and not take her around most college age kids. They have bad mouths and bad habits that she doesn't need to hear. Or so my mother says." Adding that last part in.

"Samuel … Bates," he is sure he told her his first, but she likes Small Town it seems. Again red of cheeks at that when the hand wards him off. "I mean, take care of you, at the Firehouse, make sure you both have a good time. The other things, yes, more for you and your sister. I wouldn't want to impose, Evie." She did give her first name at least. "And all of the college kids, I don't have a bad mouth, or bad habits." Says he, drinking his drinks, but he's drinking sociably, not to become intoxicated. Or one might guess by the time of night it is.

Unlike him, Evie just may be drinking to become intoxicated as testified by the way she downs her drink and gives him a lazy smile. It's an escape at least. "Right, Samuel Bates. I get it, I'll bring her by tomorrow then, she's a pretty cool kid." Taking back her bank card, she pockets it. "I didn't drive by the way, I walked, but I don't live far from here. Thanks for the suggestions for Brie, I'll run them by my mom and see what she allows."

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Evie & Samuel

The Pumphouse

Simple and clean design along with stellar services draws many locals to The Pumphouse, especially on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The outside of the building is not unlike many other of the quaint businesses in Haven Point - a brick face, an old-fashioned feel. The inside, however, is very different. The darkened space is defined by the fluorescent blue lights attached to the face of the bar, giving the entire room a cold glow.

Booths line the walls with azure drop down lights giving off some additional light, but keeping the shadows close in order to increase the mystery and intrigue a trendy neighborhood bar can bring, especially with the influence of alcohol on one's breath. High, pub-top tables are scattered throughout, but leave room in front of a small raised stage near the front windows. Occasionally live acts play jazz and rock varieties for the bar crowds, though most times there is usually a DJ stationed. The favorite shot of the bartenders is the Blue Lagoon, a shot which is lit on fire before one is able to drink it. Just don't ask what's in it to justify its hefty price.

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