Foolish Pride

Well it happened again. Evie had wandered too far on her own, on foot, but thankfully she wasn't unarmed this time. Nope, this time she had a fishing pole and a small container of worms with her, as well as a tackle box. She's sitting on the ground with a worm and her hook and looking confused about how to work it. After a moment, she reaches for her phone, types something in and is watching a How To video on YouTube, the instructor telling how to bait a hook.

The weather is nice, it's still light at least, but it's tilting towards evening soon. Still, Evie doesn't even look to be in a hurry.

This is why men jump off buildings and fall face-first onto fence posts. Because women, no matter how carefully you lay things out for them…never..ever..listen. It means that as he lingers back to watch her goggle how to hook a worm, his look is anything but excited to see her. In fact, with his set jaw and the way his arms are folded over his chest he looks absolutely and completely exasperated with her. "We're going to have to resort to shock collars to keep you safe, aren't we?"

There was no spidey sense, no tingling awareness that she's not alone so when Evie hears the voice, she jumps and the hook goes into the sleeve of her hoodie, catching the fabric. "Oh, geez, you scared me." She turns her cap around backwards and tosses him an appraising look, trying to consolidate him with the more drunk person he had been the night before. To be fair, she had been feeling no pain either. "No shock collars for me. So you're saying even in the daytime there's no fishing allowed?"

Jude smirks, but there's a smugness in it. Pushing off the tree, he moves closer, reaching for the string to give it a tug. As the hook pulls the fabric, he sighs, "Not for you, apparently." It's a tease, and easily delivered one as he reaches to try and work the hook free. "Do you even know how to fish?"

"Not yet," Evie extends her arm so he can work on it as she watches him. "But I'm not afraid of learning new things." For the moment, she felt surprisingly normal as she watches his fingers work on the fabric, trying not to imagine them doing other things. She takes a deep breath and drags her gaze away from him to look out at the water. "So what brings you out here?"

Once the knot is tied properly, Jude moves on to the hook, holding it up for her. "You hold it upside-down, then you take the bait, and you slide it onto the hook. It's not that hard." Glancing over, he leans to judge her slightly with his shoulder. "Now you do it." He's not going to spare her the dirty little experience.

"Oh ew.." Evie looks at the hook and the worm again. She has no problem holding the worm. It's poking it on the hook and killing it she has issue with. "Will it hurt the worm?" She lifts dark eyes to his when he leans in slightly and she looks suddenly uncertain, but the look is brief before her guard is back and she tries to put that distance back.

"'re shoving a hook up his ass. Yes. I think I can say with certainly it's mildly uncomfortable." Jude looks prepared to hook the worm himself once he sees her reaction. "And before it comes up, yes the hook hurts the fish, and so does suffocation." Just to cover his bases. That is of course where that topic ends. A new one starts with a laugh. "So you're really gonna act like you aren't happy to see me. That's cute."

"Yeah.." Evie crinkles her nose and puts the worm back in the container and places the pole aside for now. "Well I don't actually eat fish, but I want to bring Brie out sometime and I want to know what I am doing when I bring her. Or at least look like I do." The confession is delivered with a wry look. When he laughs, she looks up and catches the new direction the conversation is going. Both brows raise and she regards him with a long look. "If you're referring to last night, we both know we were.. drunk." Oh wait, she's playing that card?

Jude laughs. "I was trashed. You paled in comparison." Not exactly something to be ashamed of. "But you saved me from that soccer mom so I owe you a world of thanks." Watching her place the pole to the side, his eyes linger there for a moment before he shrugs, "As for the little human…don't walk this far out with her. Be safe about it." After a moment he sighs and pushes back to his feet. "But since you're fully capable of using your New York experience to survive in the wilderness, I'll leave you to it."

"Wait, I wouldn't endanger Brie.." Evie reaches out a hand despite her misgivings and tries to stop him from leaving by reaching for his hand. If she captures it though, she doesn't know what to do with it, so she releases it, that uncertainty that is never on her features reappears. "I'll just head back." Deliberately, she closes off her expression and reaches for the pole she had just placed aside when he had joined her, starting to collect the worms and tackle box too. "Glad I rescued you from the cougar, maybe you'll get lucky with her tonight." Pushing herself to her feet, she starts to walk off, "You stay, I'll go and save you the trouble."

OOC Date: 2015.05.13
IC Date: 2014.09.18
Cast: Jude, Evie

Reecer Creek

Though not far from the road, the sounds of tumbling water over smooth stones eclipses the sounds of the road, giving the area near the creek banks a serene feel. The creek slopes downward, surrounded by a thicket of pines and elm trees with trunks so close in some places they nearly form a wall. The water is clear in the shallows, but deepens into a brown-green color where the depth is a little more drastic - in fact, some might not call this a creek at all, as it is wide and deep enough in some parts to be considered a small river. There is much wildlife around these parts, ducks, fish, and small woodland mammals - it just takes an observant eye and a quiet step to meet them.

A cool breeze blows from the west. The leaves of the trees and bushes rustle in the breeze. Crickets and katydids sing.

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