Just Once

It's only just gotten dark, and the sky overhead still holds the faintest orange glow as the stars begin to show. As the streetlights flicker on, one by one, people begin to set into motion their evenings. Some people slip indoors for their evenings while others set to the streets. Slumped on the tailgate of his truck, Jude appears to be one of the latter. And he appears to still be celebrating the weekend…if only a little. He has a six pack and a smirk. The six pack is for him, but the smirk appears to be for a passing woman who could easily pass for his mother. She gets a wink. He gets an eye-roll.

It's business as usual.

It's dark, but since it's only just now dark, Evie has less time than she usually would. Coming up to the convenience store, she has her hands in her pockets and seems to be on foot instead of getting out of any vehicle. Sure she has a car, or so she says, no, no one has ever seen her use it. Her gait is slow, lazy, in no hurry despite the more limited time.

It takes her little time to notice Jude, he was perhaps the person she knew best here in this town other than Creepy and Bookie. "Hey Slick." She offers a nod, smirking at the flirting with the old woman. "That explains a lot," she nods towards her as the woman enters the store.

Jude shrugs lazily as his eyes slip to the newly arrived face. "I have mommy issues. Maybe she can help me. It's therapeutic." A good excuse..if he didn't murder the word therapeutic. Not that he's drunk. He's not. Just blissfully unconcerned with everything. "Why? You wanna ride to?"

Ahem. Blissfully unconcerned. "You have to say yes or you'll hurt my feelings." He adds the last bit before he shifts to sit upright, offering her a seat next to him. "But just a warning. I'm not a spooner. And I don't like to talk about my feelings."

"Talk to a counselor." Evie smirks about his mommy issues. "The college has them for free." She walks over, closing the final distance about the time he asks her if she wants to ride. She looks at his truck before she realizes he wasn't exactly talking about a ride home. "I'm not too concerned with hurting your feelings. You're talking about having sex with you." The observation is delivered flatly. "No feelings, no pillow talk, no snuggling." Looking like she is contemplating it, she finally rolls her eyes. "I can do all that by myself."

Jude chuckles, though he does arch a brow at her before he lifts the beer to his lips. Until she continues. The result is a groan. "Yeah but its more /fun/ when you don't have to." It's a fact. Ask anyone. He narrows his eyes towards her faintly seconds later. "You're no fun at all." Disappointment is a bitch.

"Oh I'm a one girl party if you catch me in the right mood or put the offer out there in such a way I can't refuse." Evie swings her feet, "So, a no strings, one time free for all fun?" Just making sure. "You'd wear a condom." It's spoken just as flatly.

"Of course I would. The last thing I need is a kid." Almost as soon as he says it, he quiets and drops his eyes to his beer, but only for a moment before he clears his throat and glances back to her, "You know what I mean. No strings."

They were worlds apart and his words only cement it. Evie flinches but internally for the most part, if it's visible physically, it's probably not likely for him to notice since he's inebriated. "Right," she says softly. "The last thing you need is a kid." Echoing his own sentence to him. "Once, no strings and a condom, count me in." Because damn, he was hot and everyone needed sex! "Your apartment?"

Jude nods gently, though he does appear to want to say something more. He decides against it and instead simply slides off the tailgate. "You sure? I mean…once, with me. That's kinda like saying you're just gonna have one cookie." He's trying to lighten the mood, for whatever reason. "Come on. You can drive me. At the very least you can lead me on and leave me in a pathetic pile on my sofa."

At first, Evie misunderstands his question, but when he mentions only once, she laughs, taking the bait on lightening the mood. Following his lead, she slides off and walks around to the drivers side. "I swear if you pass out on me, I'm totally never talking to you again. My own self esteem can't handle that right now." Since he had mentioned self-esteem first, before! "You have to point me in the right direction to your apartment though."

Jude smirks as she gives in and laughs, moving around the truck (with his remaining one beer) before climbing into the passenger side. "It's not far." He allows seconds later. "Just back out and turn left. It's just that way." Course, it could also be right. The town is just a big square. "I wont pass out. If I do then I owe you like..booze or food."

"You can pass out all you want after we're done." Evie reassures, since he said no spooning. Starting the pickup, she doesn't bother fastening a belt in this small town. Once she backs out, she slips it into drive and takes off after turning left, her foot light on the gas. "So I guess this means you don't have a girlfriend, fiance or anyone who would object?"

Jude snorts at the question. "Honestly? You could kill me afterward and no one would notice I was missing for months." He frowns at the idea, but it fades just as quickly. "What about you? I'm not gonna wake up one morning to a pissed off New Yorker smashing my windows, huh?" he sends her a glance, though only once he points her down a street. True to his words, the bar they'd met at over the weekend is clearly in sight. "That alley right there. Just pull up next to it."

Doing as told, Evie waits until she has parked to look at him. "I don't know about all that, missing for months and all. It's a small town, you have friends, I'm sure." She lifts her shoulders in a careless shrug. "Anyone left in New York was left there for a reason. Other than my dad, I mean, but no, no smashed windows." She gives him a rueful smile as she opens the door, suddenly having butterflies, but she doesn't back out.

If Jude is nervous or having second thoughts..he isn't aware of it. He fumbles with the door before finally managing to climb out, leaving the beer where it rests in the truck. "In my experience dads are just as bad as boyfriends when it comes to me." He waits for her to round the truck, taking the keys from her once she's close enough. Immediately he begins fishing through the keyring for the key as he walks toward the alleyway. It's a rather dark strip of space between the bar and the neighboring building (a flooring business), but a small set of flickering lights near the pubs back door illuminate the area enough to cast a glow on the metal stairwell climbing to the second floor of the flooring business. That seems to be the destination of choice.

Evie hands over the keys and falls in line next to him, the alley pretty dark, but she doesn't seem to mind it or to be afraid. When he moves to the stairs, she follows behind, climbing up. From here she's got a vantage point of the bar and she has to grin. "You get music late into the night then don't you? Doesn't seem so bad, music is good." If her eyes roam over the backside she is following, she makes no secret of it.

Jude is unaware of the watching, thankfully. The door is unlocked after only a small amount of fumbling and grumbling. "It's not bad." He admits with a small shrug of a single shoulder. The door is opened, and he flips the light on inside after just a short second. The apartment still smells as if it were recently cleaned. There is no way a single male keeps the place this clean all by himself.

"Sorry about the smell..my family is sure I'll die without constant intervention on their part." It's clear almost instantly that no one actually lives in the apartment. If anything, it looks slightly but seldom used.

Stepping inside behind him, Evie does take a look around. The smell is noticed with raised brows but only after she realizes that no one actually lives here really does she look back at him and smile. "A bachelor pad for just such occasions, I assume?" She unzips her hoodie revealing a simple t-shirt and skirt. Squatting down, she unlaces her boots and removes them, leaving them beside the door. "Where.. is the bedroom?"

Jude is doing the same, though he leans against the wall to pull his shoes off . Her words earn a chuckle and a nod, "My grandparents don't like me living alone on the farm. They own the business downstairs so..this is where they think I live during the week." He clearly doesn't. "They're old. They can't actually come up and check." Sliding out of his jacket, it's left over the back of a stool before her second question draws his attention back to her. He doesn't speak, but he does nod toward the closed bedroom door.

Evie watches him as he removes his shoes and talks about his grandparents. "So you live at the farm alone and your grandparents think you live here? Alone?" She looks towards the bedroom door and nods in return, taking a deep breath, wondering where her sanity suddenly went. Before she can change her mind though, she walks towards the door and opens it, stepping inside before looking back at him with an inviting smile. "Unless you prefer the sofa," she grins.

Fade to black

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Cast: Jude, Evie

EZ Mart, Small Apartment

EZ Mart
Glaring electric light pitilessly reveals the ranks of colorful packages racked up row on row. Refrigerated display cases line two of the walls, while a third holds a soda fountain and a heater slowly rotating some suspicious-looking hot dogs. The fourth wall is taken up by the checkout counter, and its enclosure of bulletproof glass, behind which a bored attendant waits for you to get your stuff and get out.

There's almost always a line at the front counter, as folks queue up to pay for gas and whatever impulse purchases they've picked up. Children dart underfoot, screeching and clutching bags of candy and plastic toys. Another line forms in the back, where harried travelers hope to eventually get in to use the restroom.

Outside, the deep blue night sky is clear and cloudless, and the stars glitter. A cool breeze blows from the west. The leaves of the trees and bushes rustle in the breeze. Crickets and katydids sing throughout the night.

Small Apartment
This small apartment, settled on the second floor of the building, could not be more simple in design and interior. Grey curtains cover the windows, thick and heavy with the intent to block out light, though someone seems intent to go behind Jude and pull them back to open up the wide, spacious windows that occupy almost the full side of this apartment. The carpeting is thick dark grey shag, protected in the high traffic areas by runners of a complimenting lighter shade.

The living area sports a television, perhaps the newest thing in the apartment and no doubt the nicest, while a well loved brown leather couch, and two extra wide cushioned chairs center around a wide square black coffee table. On the farthest wall from the door two bookcases line, the other wall holding a series of shelves dressed with baskets holding a variety of camera equipment, paints, and brushes. A few random photos and a couple of paintings round out the look of the place, all of them seeming to center around grays, browns, and blacks found in the interior of the room.

Budding off of the living area is a small kitchenette - just two counters of cream Formica, a fridge and stove, a microwave and sink and small black, four chair table in the corner. The bedroom is off the living room as well, though the door stays shut most of the time.

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