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A brilliant day in September, which means a little more prep work around the Firehouse Grill. More the bar side as Beer Fest (Oktoberfest?) is coming up. Thus, Samuel is busy at work. He has a step ladder out and is hanging banners of popular labels on the overhead hang above the bar itself. Each celebrating the same festival, but with their brand prominently displayed. In but a black t-shirt, faded and similar blue jeans. He is merely putting it up to be done with it, though a creative eye might be useful. Its a quiet time, before people are off work to come eat, to late for most of the lunch crowd. A few businessmen tops.

Instead of cooking, Meadow is working on the waitress side and with her apron around her waist, she tucks the order pad in with her pencil. Tilting her head back, she grins up at her brother. "It promises to be a busy night tonight, I'm glad I don't close." Their other sister does. "I went out to the Brooks farm yesterday and got to ride, it was so fun." Meadow was earth affinity and it was no secret she loved nature and all that came with it, including getting out into the pasture and the woods despite the dangers.

"Yeah, you gonna go out again?" For a ride, Samuel can't speak much for closing, at the bar, he'll close even if he's not scheduled. Curious what her plans are for tonight that is as she's glad to have it off. Then he finishes a pin of a banner, in blue and white checkered pattern. He steps down from the step stool for the moment to face his sister more. "Just riding right?" Whether that's about dangers or other things that could happen riding is left to her guess, he smiles more when facing her at a closer level.

"Not tonight, mostly only on Monday's. It's hard to get him sociable more than one night a week." Meadow rolls her eyes playfully. "Tonight, I plan on getting some research done, then piano lessons." Her eyes widen then she shakes her head in a hurry. "Just riding, ew. I don't.. date or anything. No way."

"All right," he grins at her eyeroll, nodding along the same. He backs into the bar to lean. Pleanty of time to prep, good time to be social. "Don't remind me, I have a 12 pager due before fall break. Do the piano lessons first, that way when I come upstairs, it'll only be the light of your laptop." Joking, he doesn't mind her playing at all. "Yes, exactly, only riding, so all was good. If you want to go again, maybe I'll figure out some time off from everything, go with you?"

"Yes. You can go next time, maybe Jude can saddle up another and we'd have fun. He doesn't allow his horses out without him though, but it would be a fun time, I think." Taking the teasing, Meadow walks over and leans against the bar but slips her arm around him for a brief hug. "Wait, who are you dating?" There's a hint of protectiveness in her voice.

"Yeah, if he's good with another," returns Samuel, "I'd enjoy it, just pick me up if I fall off, or come back round for me on the return at least." Then a chuckle, and she returns it. He rolls his eyes with a soft chortle of objection. "I don't have time to date," and besides, implied, who'd like me. He doesn't have full confidence in that department maybe.

"Aww, but Sammy, you're adorable, anyone would love you." Meadow can read the implied better than some. With a soft laugh, she releases him and circles around in front of him. "I think you would catch on to riding a horse fairly well. Maybe as well as I can bartend." Which was terrible, besides she was underage, so she didn't get regular practice. "Drink one for me tonight, would you?"

"You're my sister, you're supposed to say that stuff," chuckles Samuel, giving a squeeze before she releases him, a soft, "Thanks." Givin with sincerity. "No, dad said to make sure you stay on that side so we don't have a repeat incident." No, no incidence, but he can tease. "I always do." Drink one for her, not that he drinks much, but she's in his thought. He folds the stool a moment, to go bet more decorations out for preparation, back to work.

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