Saddle Up

Most Mondays are almost stifling. The sense of dread and exhaustion on the air can choke the life out of someone sensitive to those things. For that reason, Jude is a mere ghost on the campus on these days, but just after lunch his classes for the day are over, and he can be found slumped in the back of his truck, soaking up the warmth of the sun overhead as he waits.

As a small change of pace for the farm, the house looks a little more alive. Almost overnight the windows have been unboarded and curtains pulled open. Even the doors are open, bearing only the protective screen doors to allow the breeze to filter through what must be a stuffy, dusty mess. An older pickup is also parked closer to the home, its bed filled with boxes.

Meadow doesn't own a vehicle yet. Since her traffic is mostly in town, she rides her bicycle but she knew better than to ride it out of the city proper. It's a friend that drops her off and she waves goodbye to her before heading up towards the house. "Oh Juuuude." Calling his name, she wears a lopsided smile, hoping he remembered he was coming today. "Anyone home?" She gasps at the change, looking at the pickup then around towards the barn where the horses surely were, unless they were out to pasture.

"Meeaaddooow." His voice echoes from within the bed of his truck though he forces himself (with a groan) to sit up seconds later. His company is limited these days. Of course he didn't forget. Seeing her eyes move over the house, he sighs before climbing to his feet to begin the walk toward the barn. "It's being cleaned." He allows dryly as he nears her. "My sister showed up yesterday. Apparently I'm gonna be an uncle."
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Hearing her name, Meadow laughs and zeroes in on where he is. She rests her arms and chin on the side of the bed as she looks down into it wearing a goofy grin. "Looks more homey. I envy you, you know, living out here with all of this space. What I wouldn't give…." she says wistfully. "Really?" The question comes eagerly. "Ashton is home? And pregnant?! Oh that's great, are you so excited?" She knows better than for Jude to be excited about anything.

Jude shrugs, "I guess." Yeah, he's not one to overflow with excitement, but she manages a lazy, near smirk from him before he waves her on toward the barn doors. "I think she's planning to go to work with the PD here. Imagine my surprise. Doesn't call for a month and then yesterday she rolls up, loaded down with boxes and drops down roots like it's nothing." If he's honest, Jude's head is still spinning from the whole ordeal. "So..what do you want to do today, Pinkie?"

Inside the barn everything is very very organized and clean. Even the stalls holding the horses are neat and clean…even if one of the horses is rather bushy in appearance at the moment. As he nears that horse, Jude reaches and tugs a stick from the horses mane, frowning at the beast for a moment before he simply sighs. There are twelve horses in all but this day only four have saw fit to linger near the barn stalls.

Giving him a sympathetic look, Meadow reaches over and puts a brief arm around his waist in a hug. "I'm glad you have some family around, really glad." She knew his story and it wasn't a good one. "I bet it's overwhelming a bit though." Oh she couldn't even imagine it! Walking out to the barn with him, she watches him with one of the horses and she walks over to another, a mild mannered mare. "Hey there." She reaches into her hoodie pocket and pulls out an apple for her favorite. "You know where to be on Mondays." She grins, offering the apple in the flat of her palm and watches as she carefully plucks it with her teeth and munches down on it. "Here you go," she offers a carrot to Jude for his horse. "I want to ride, I want to ride and ride and ride, as long as you have time for." As always.

Jude chuckles, "It's a lot, yeah." He's rather quiet about the whole thing, but he does accept the carrot and offer it over to the fuzzy horse. "I can give you a few hours, but I we need to be in before dark." And he means it. Opening the stall, the horse is led to tie it off at the post. "Come on. Bring her out and I'll set her up." Because girls can't do that. Duh.

After the apple is finished, Meadow takes the lead and guides the female horse to where the saddle and tack are waiting. She does reach for the saddle blanket and spreads it beneath where the saddle will go. "Want me to do the bridle?" She knows that one also. "I am always in before dark." She gives him a knowing look. Everyone sensible was in before dark,

Jude nods her on, even motioning toward the tack wall. "I know, I just feel better when I say it aloud." He admits it lowly, but honestly. "Plus I feel like it's only right I be back in time to talk to Ashton." On the porch of course. "I think I freaked this girl out about the town." He admits suddenly and with a chuckle. "I keep going off on these rants about how dangerous the town and the forest are. I've pretty much mad the area sound like a death trap. I feel kinda bad about it. I'm not sure how to properly explain things. 'Just be careful' doesn't seem to say enough, but 'everything here will kill you' seems like overkill." Again he chuckles before a sigh breaks free. "I hate talking to people."

Meadow walks over and collects the bridle before returning to the horse, slipping the bit in her mouth then bringing the rest on, fastening it, gently tossing each rein onto her back. "I guess better safe than sorry, our town is like no other, so maybe you saved her life scaring her." Her lips quirk. "Or maybe you ran her out of town."


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Brook's Farm

Small and tucked away from the rest of town, the Brooks farm has seen a good bit of neglect in the past year. The grass, what hasn't been beaten down, grows tall along the driveway, building higher toward the house and barn, both of which are in desperate need of new paint.

Closer to the drive a barn stands tall, it's wide doors slightly ajar enough to allow someone inside, while abandoned and neglected farm machinery rests parked along it's sides. The deep blue night sky is clear and cloudless, and the stars glitter. A cool breeze blows from the west. The leaves of the trees and bushes rustle in the breeze. Crickets and katydids sing throughout the night.

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