Hooked on Phonics

The bookshop is rather quiet this afternoon, one or two people browsing the shelves. The counter is, for the moment, unmanned but the bell beside it can as always be rung for assistance. As for Claudia, she's settled into a corner of the couch with a history book.

Evie had already gotten her books for her classes and even some extras, but something she hadn't counted on, something she hadn't realized, someone else in the house wanted books and so she's off campus at the book store and she's looking around in the children's books with a confused look on her features. "Goodnight Moon?" She breathes out the name with uncertainty. "If You Give a Pig a Pancake?" Wow.. "So many choices. The Giving Tree?"

Claudia isn't so far away or so engrossed in her reading that Evie's commentary doesn't go unnoticed. "Can I help you?" she asks, having closed her book and set it beside her as she leans out from her seat to send a smile towards the other student.

Looking up, Evie looks so grateful for the assistance the relief on her features is almost comical. "I'm looking for kids books appropriate for reading to a three year old little girl. I.. don't even know what to get or even look for. Have you got any ideas?"

Claudia laughs lightly, "No problem," she assures as she slips to her feet to join Evie at the shelf. "There's alot that'd be good. Depends on what you think she might like really. Are there some, or one, that she already has and likes? Could get something similar. Or just what kinds of things does she like? Animals, princesses…?"

"She likes Nightmare Before Christmas." Evie says with a grin. "And all the Disney movies and stuff. I don't think she should have those long winded Disney books like Little Mermaid though, she'd lose interest quick. She likes things that rhyme and has bright pictures, because she can pick out the colors every time I ask her to."

Claudia raises a brow at that first remark but doesn't comment on it, only nods. "There's this one," she starts after a moment's thought, reaching for a brightly colored book titled 'Chicka Chicka Boom Boom'. "Its an alphabet book, but its also a cute story and plenty of fun colors too."

"Oh that's good, alphabet. I want to teach.. I mean my mom wants us to teach her the alphabet right now, cause she's really smart. She can sing the song but she doesn't know the letters yet. She knows her colors and shapes though." Evie reaches for the book. "I think I want some Dr. Suess ones though too, like The Foot Book, it's short and rhymes and I could make a song out of it for her, she likes singing and music."

Claudia nods. "Its a good age for it. And Dr. Suess is always a good choice," she agrees with a smile. "Picture books can be good to. Let her tell you the story that goes with the pictures."

Evie smirks. "I would be afraid to hear a story from her with the pictures, we'd be there all night, she is very talkative." She looks at the picture books though and selects one of them, flipping through it. "So what all do you know about three year olds? What do you do with them when they won't go to sleep at night?"

Claudia laughs, shaking her head and raising a hand in defense. "That I can't help you with. I've babysat some, but I'm by no means and expert on that." Books she can deal with, childcare she can only guess at. "Your guess is as good as mine I'm sure."

Evie looks contemplative. "Maybe there's a self help book or something. How to take care of a three year old." She doesn't sound serious though. "Like me. I babysit a lot. A whole lot." She selects a few more, the Pig and Pancake one, a Moose and Muffin one and others in that theme along with Shel Silverstein. She ends up with several. "This will be a lot of reading, I think she'll be happy. I got new books for school and she thought she needed some too," she smirks at that, but it's good natured.

"I don't know that we have anything that specific here," Claudia replies with a grin. "But there's some parenting books if you're really interested," she offers. "Sounds like she has a good sister though?" she guesses at the relationship between Evie and the girl. "Getting her new books."

"Nah, I don't need parenting books." Evie glances towards that area but makes no moves towards it. "I'll tell my mom about them though." Just being pretty vague. She looks back at Claudia. "I'm Evie, moved here from New York just barely before school started."

"I thought you looked familiar," Claudia replies, leaving the idea of parenting books and three-year-olds lie. "You came into Rosalinda's the other day." Beat. "I was playing pool with Jude…" she says. "Claudia," she adds her name.

"Oh right! Sorry, so many new faces and names at school, they all just sort of blurred together." Evie smirks. "I was introduced as Evan though, by Jude. He's been all gloom and doom, telling me it's dangerous to even walk in town after dark. So what's his story?"

Claudia laughs and nods, "Yeah, he's not always so good with names. I thought he might have been off, but," she shrugs. No one corrected him then so how was she to know? "Nice to meet you Evie," she puts a little emphasis on using the correct name for the girl. "That's just Jude. He can go a little overboard with the gloom and doom," that she'll agree on. "But he's not completely wrong either," she adds after a glance around the shop to see who may or may not be around at present.

"It's nice to meet you too, Claudia. Do you work here in the store or am I totally intruding on study time?" Evie gives her a wry look, since it was history she'd been reading on. "So, what is it about this town? What makes it so dangerous? Creepy even said that there were things outside of town and something was eating people. Is that true?"

"Its alright," Claudia assures, "Studying while I can, but I do work here. Pretty sure I started stocking shelves or some such when I was like four or five," she laughs. "Its my grandfather's store," she adds for clarification. As for the girl's questions, there she hesitates a moment. "Its hard to say for sure really. There's alot of stories and the truth isn't always easy to pick out of the legends, if there's any truth to them at all. But there's something out there," a nod towards the door and the wild beyond the city limits.

"Oh, you've lived here all your life then? I'm a transplant, but so far it's not so bad. It's not New York though, with everything there is to do and life starts after seven in the evening. Here, they are rolling up the streets about then. Can't even walk home in town alone at night." Shaking her head, Evie looks a little dismayed at that. Even moreso at the nod towards the outskirts of town. "Why hasn't it been found?"

Claudia nods. "Yep," she confirms easily. "Been here all my life, and no, I don't suppose Haven Point would compare to New York in the slightest," she agrees with a bit of a laugh. A light shrug of a shoulder is the answer she gives, "Who knows. Maybe it doesn't want to be found?"

Evie shudders. "Yeah… I could see that." She sounds uncertain suddenly. "There's the pub, I guess. I'm twenty-one, but with Brie, I babysit at night until she goes to sleep before I can ever go out. What all is there to do here?"

Claudia shrugs again, "There's plenty to do. I mean there's always something going on on campus it seems. And if you're not so into that there's the Rosalinda's," which she's already found. "Bowling," she suggests with a grin, "Or shopping."

"Sounds like fun. Sometimes Brie tags along with me so sometimes my places are limited. We've been to the park, but we're definitely the outsiders. We get looks no matter where we go." Of course the way Evie dresses, it's no surprise. "Ok, speaking of Brie, I better get going. I'll go ahead and pay for these. Do you know if anyone is hiring anywhere? I have to find a job."

"I'm sure you'll fit in just fine," Claudia replies heading for the counter to ring up the purchase. "Just give it a little time," added with a smile as she glances over to the girl. "The bakery might be, if you don't mind early hours. I'm not sure if The Firehouse is still hiring. They fill positions pretty fast once the college is in session it seems. I think Amelia mentioned they're looking for a barista," she rattles off a few places as she places the books into a bag for Evie. "Danielle had an interview for a 'real job' a couple days ago," she says with air quotes, "So we might have something opening up here too, but I can't say for sure just yet."

Mentally marking down the different places, Evie gives a grateful smile. "I will check them all out, thank you very much." She offers her bank card for payment and takes the books. "Thank you for everything. I look forward to seeing you around again."

"You're welcome," Claudia returns with a friendly smile. "I hope Brei likes the books," she adds, handing back the card and a sliding the receipt over after swiping it. "See you around."

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Westward Books

Westward Books is able to compete with the larger chain stores for one reason - it's homey, neighborhood feel. The store is crammed into a small space along 8th street. Despite its small size, the shopkeepers have been able to cram in hundreds and hundreds of books - tall, cherry-wood shelves take up most of the space in the store, lined from floor to ceiling with books. The aisles are narrow, but kept neat and labeled with clearly printed signs explaining which is in each. The smell of must and knowledge hang in the air, and a certain amount of dust that can somehow never be rid of hangs in the air, visible when the sun hits into the wide front windows.

A small reading alcove is located in the back of the store. Two comfortable, over-stuffed green couches straight from the 1970s sit across from each other, a coffee table in between. The area is frequently populated with college students or those taking it easy over a cup of complimentary coffee provided by the shop's owners to frequent browsers and customers alike.

Outside, the deep blue night sky is clear and cloudless, and the stars glitter. A cool breeze blows from the west. The leaves of the trees and bushes rustle in the breeze. Crickets and katydids sing throughout the night.

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