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Tuesday night's aren't exactly known for being the night to party. Tuesday nights in a dry pool hall are even less exciting. Still, lacking the crowds and the noise of the popular Pumphouse Bar or the less popular Sugar Shack, there's an impressive enough crowd in the pool hall.

In fact, if you look close enough one may even spot the somewhat anti-social Jude as he lines up a shot and takes it, sinking a ball and sending the pocket a glare. "I meant to do that." He tells Claudia in a grumble. "I felt bad for you losing." Or..winning now. Bleh!

Claudia laughs, shaking her head as she steps around the table to find the best potential next shot. "Thanks," she replies with a teasing smile, "You need to let me win at least once a month or I'm just going to get tired of loosing and find someone else to play." They both know how unlikely that is, but hey. Leaning over to take her turn she manages to have the cue hit its target, but it doesn't make the pocket.

It's not a place that Evie regularly goes, but then again being new in town, every place is not a regular place yet. Still, the amount of vehicles outside was promising and so she decides to check it out. Dressed in her usual funky clothing that makes her look about as out of place as anything, she runs her fingers through her blonde locks and settles her cap back in place as she looks around.

"Sure. You're a regular Chatty Kathy." Jude mutters back at her. It's his own personal bran of teasing, done with a scowl, a glare and the occasional (hidden) smirk. He watches her miss, lowering his head for a moment to run his fingers through his messy hair before he sighs. He simply takes his shot, sinking first one striped ball before missing the next.

It's as he turns away from the table to find his bottle of water that he spots the now familiar blond slipping in, and being the gentleman that he is, he takes the cap to his bottle and throws it at her.

It's small. It wont hurt!

Claudia makes a face back at the young man, just barely sticking her tongue out at him. "Just like you, right?" So terribly talkative. Glancing up from the pool table after trying to determine her next attempt its just in time to see him throw that bottle cap. "Jude," she chides him, but it doesn't go any further than that. "Who's your friend?"

It's the bottle cap that alerts Evie to the presence of someone halfway familiar and she picks it up and walks over, "Lose something?" Offering a smirk. Claudia gets a glance and the same once over though the look is a little warmer than the one offered to Jude. "Still picking on poor, unsuspecting outsiders, huh?" Her lips quirk as she tries to contain amusement.

"He's always losing something," Claudia chimes in, tossing the comment back to the blonde. "Consider it a compliment from him though," she adds throwing a quick grin in Jude's direction.

Looking back at Claudia, Evie smirks but her voice is good natured if somewhat guarded. "A compliment, that's a new one. I'll have to remember that. I do guess that he didn't want to be aggravated by my body being pulled out of a ditch, dead, to be something positive at least." She looks at the balls on the table. "Who's winning?"

Jude just SIGHS at the blond. "Try to look out for a girl and you're an asshole." Exasperated he turns and takes his turn at the table, doing his best to ignore the girls. He can't, but he does his best. "I am. Of course. She sucks." He's a charmer!

Claudia nods. "He's not exactly prince charming," she notes to the blonde. But then it sounds like she's already had a chance to determine that herself too. A second nod indicates Jude as the winner. "I don't suck," she huffs at the boy. "Okay fine, I kinda do, but you don't need to rub it in."

"Oh good, I'm not looking for a prince charming." Evie inputs. "Or a princess for that matter." Just so no one gets the wrong idea. She shoves her hands in the back pockets of her pants and tilts her head as she looks down at the game. "Then don't be an asshole, Jude." The words given sort of tongue-in-cheek.

"Then don't be an idiot," Jude allows dryly before taking his second shot and sinking it, but again it's the wrong ball. There's the faintest hint that he may be joking, but for the most part he merely eyes the table. "She was walking around by the train station. It was getting dark, but Buffy here felt positive she could take on the night. White girl 1, Nature 0. For now." He does chuckle at that, but he also waves Claudia to take a shot. "Evan, this is Claudia."

"Well then you're in luck," Claudia replies, a smile offered to the other girl as Jude gives his introduction. "Want to take over?" she asks, leaning the pool stick in her hand towards the blonde. "Maybe you can pull a win out of it. And," it comes as something of an after though, "What, dare I ask, were you doing there?"

Evie smirks and takes a step back from the table as the game continues. "Actually, I opted to go home alone because you were being a jerk. Up until then, I was taking the ride." Semantics. Returning the smile, this one as hesitant as the first but with more warmth, she shakes her head, declining the offer. "For the record, it's Evie. Just moved here from out of state." New York accent says a lot. "I was out exploring, time got away from me. It was all totally innocent."

Michelle makes her way into the pool hall, looking around. "Of course… It had to be some greasy pool hall. Not a salon, or even a nice restaurant." She sighs, shaking her head. A bag is held over her shoulder, and she walks around, literally getting a feel for the place. She looks sheepishly at those already gathered, trying not to get too much attention onto herself.

It's late evening on Tuesday, and though the pool hall isn't as popular as the clubs are, there's a fair sized group cluttering tables inside the narrow building. At the table nearest the front of the room, and next to the only not crowded table, Jude turns to take his shop and roll his eyes towards the girls all at the same time. Trick shot! And he misses. As Michelle lips in, Jude's eyes lift for a moment before they lower again, but he does offer a wave as he tries to ignore that he missed his shot.

Claudia lifts a hand in a wave to Michelle as she's spotted. "Got ya," her response follows to Evie, "And nice to meet you. I was just thinking about heading out and picking up a couple drinks. You want anything?" She's assuming Jude just needs a refill on the water.

When Claudia leaves with the drink order, Evie takes the pool stick in hand and chalks the tip, then her hand between thumb and forefinger. Using the different chalks, of course. "So, I'm high balls." She gauges the table, walks around to one side, near the cue, and bends down, lining it up, praying it goes in as she nods towards the pocket. "Corner." She calls it, then shoots. Nope, rattles back and forth a little, but too much power behind it makes her miss.

Michelle walks by, feeling the essence of those gathered. What she'd heard was true, but can she trust anyone here? She grabs a nearby table and places her bag down and sits, observing the groups of those gathered. She can't read auras, but she can tell the ones with power. The ones like herself. She pulls out a bottle of water from the bag, taking mental note. She watches Jude and Evie as they play.

"Yup. Or..if you follow the path this game is taking, you're whatever you can get in the freaking pockets." Since Jude seems to have made over half of Claudia's pockets. "Evie…right." Slow to the punch, he tries (with little effort) to remember her name this time before again Michelle draws his attention. Introvert meets introvert. Never has there been a more anticlimactic moment. A glance to Evie, and he sighs. "I wasn't being a jerk, either. You were being stupid and ignoring warnings. Being a New Yorker doesn't make you a bad ass…it just makes you loud. Things out there can tell what you are."

"Stupid? Ignoring the warnings? Wait, because you're local, you can go exploring and because I'm from out of town, I'm not allowed?" Evie furrows her brow, not liking the turn of the conversation. "All I said was you were confusing me, being aloof, then sarcastic, then a gentleman. Then you turned into some.. weird whatever, and so I walked home. Where is the stupid and warning parts there?" She exhales, blowing her hair from beneath her cap as she does. Looking over at Michelle, she arches her brows as if to say, men! In an exasperated and completely unspoken manner.

Michelle looks over, and can't help but to butt into the conversation, Evie's motion rather invites her. "Well, he is right. There are things out there that can tell what you are, but there are things in here as well. So if there's no place that's really safe, then there are no places that are off limits." How's that for circular logic? "The key.. is to be better than whatever is out there…. or in here."

Jude just snorts. "There are non-witches out there that can tell what you are." He corrects, "And yeah, I told you that, twice." He looks annoyed, but to be fair that's just what Jude looks like most of the time. "The city limits are safe..mostly, warded." He reminds Michelle and tells Evie. "The elders can't ward the forest. There's too much room, to many places to hide, so that's where every waits. The girl on Reecer Creek Road. The Kittitas monster. Those creepy ass kids." Jude lives outside the wards, so unfortunately he knows more than he cares about those things. At least, the legends of them.

"And you think New York City was warded all the time? That none of this stuff happened there? That I can't protect myself if I need to? I'm scared of very little," Evie lifts her shoulders in a nonchalant manner despite the annoyed look and the way the other girl backs him. "So that's how it is?" She offers the stick to Michelle. "I'll never be from here, I'll always be the outsider. I don't know your legends, your lore, your stories, your unsolved mysteries. I've started learning them, but I'll always be at the disadvantage. Sorry I intruded on your little group time."

Michelle blinks. "Whoa, whoa… Missy, hey.. I was backing you up." She stands, not wanting the stick. "Hey.. Did you hear me? Are you better than what's out there?" She nods, reinforcing the girl. "You are…" She smiles… something she rarely does. "If you're scared of very little, then you must be able to handle yourself." not a challenge, but the very opposite of one.

Jude rolls his eyes..again. "Not what I said. You just won't listen." He decides finally. "I'm not in anyone's little group. I'm not a witch. And /this/ town is different. You won't find anything I mentioned in your little books." Because it's unique. "But cool. You obviously don't need any help. Have fun doing whatever it is you do." The cues dropped, but he does swing by the table to grab his water, but Michelle manages to make him chuckle. "Don't encourage her."

Evie is naturally defensive and being a city girl and an outsider has only increased it. An acknowledgement is given to Michelle but then Jude is talking.. "There, like that." She motions towards Jude and sighs. "So, I apparently can't learn from the books I got either. How can I know then? I want to know. Will you teach me?" She crosses her arms over her chest defensively, head cocked to the side, expecting to be shot down again if her body language is any indication.

Michelle looks to Jude. "Well, she's one of two people. Either she *is* capable… and worthy to know… Or she isn't, and it'll be a matter of time before she's used up." She looks to Evie. "Don't answer now. There will be a time when all bravado will be stripped from you and I'll see the real you." She looks. "Do you want to learn the town lore? I can help."

"Oh yeah because that's really encouraging talking at me like that. Either she is capable and worthy or used up. That's just great. If you have something to say, say it to my face, not at me sideways while talking to him." Evie keeps her arms over her chest and exhales as Michelle makes the offer she had asked Jude. "Tell me something about the train station then." She doesn't even know the girls name.

Michelle nods and looks to Evie. "Ok. First thing you'll learn about this town is that people don't like me. You won't be any different, and I won't take offense." She looks around, then turns her attention back to Evie. "It's not just the train station. It's smart to stay away from the outskirts of the entire town at night. There's word of some kind of monster that eats people. Now, it's attracted to all essence, but folks like you and me?" She smiles again, fairly creepy. "We're like filet mignon." he motions to Jude. "He might be lobster.. or sea bass." She nods. "So it's safer just to not engage. The Elders haven't been able to contain it, and they're much more powerful than a bunch of kids."

"I prefer forming my own opinion about people but at the moment, I'd say they could be right." Evie smirks, trying to lessen the sting of the words since she really didn't mean them. "So.. you have, in essence, a purple people eater. Just my luck my mother chose to move us here of all places." She looks at the cue only to walk it over and return it where it belonged on the rack before facing Michelle again. "You talk so openly about things here, it's so… odd."

Michelle looks over as Jude shakes his head, perhaps offended at being compared to an entree. He walks off for now. Michelle nods to Evie. "They are right. I don't mind the truth." She says. "Yeah, so, it's a good idea to stay inside the town during the night. There's gotta be some way that keeps it safe from the Council and that can be scary." When Evie discusses about the openness, Michelle points up to the green light, brightly lit, by the counter. "See that light? When it's green, you're amongst other witches, or friends. If the light is red, be careful and talk 'mortal'."

Evie just looks at the light, staring at it. "How.. highly technical of them. Their customer service is unprecedented." It's mentioned in a smart manner of course, but it seems to be one of the main ways she talks. "I have to get home to babysit, my mother has plans tonight so that leaves me home safe and secure during the night. It's been interesting meeting you. I'm Evie."

Michelle nods. "Michelle. If you're looking for me, my folks run the hardware store, or you could just ask around for the creepy, rude girl who asks too many questions." She smiles. "Have a good night, and stay safe."

"Creepy…" Evie hesitates on that, but she shrugs it off. "Question, yeah. So many, so few answers. See ya around, Creepy." The last was for sure said in jest this time. "Later."

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Cast: Claudia, Evie, Jude, Michelle

Rosalindas Pool Hall
Rosalinda's Pool Hall is nothing flashy. Bathed in crisp, florescent lighting, this small, two-level brick building has been completely refurbished from floor to ceiling. Newly buffed wooden floors stretch the length of the room, while brick walls have been dressed with color advertisements for liquors, local bands and other Haven Point businesses.

The front of the building holds several tables, their black tops matched perfectly to the leather upholstered chairs that sit around them. While Rosalinda's doesn't serve food, there are no rules against bringing in outside snacks, and a wastebasket filled with fast food wrappers and pizza boxes proves just as much.

Toward the back of the building stands three pool tables, each one well cared for by both the owner and the locals alike. The walls hold several racks, while a change machine provides a quick source for those carrying only cash.

The very back wall of the building holds three doors, two leading to the girls and boys restrooms, and one leading upstairs to the 'Sitting Room'.

Outside, everything is half-hidden, nothing clearly seen in the dark fog. It's warm and still. The dark shapes of nearby trees loom at you suddenly out of the deep grey fog as you approach them.

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