Local Lore

The following legends are unique to the game. Even if you have heard about them (or something close to them) before, characters new to the area will not have heard, as the Elders keep the legends very close to Haven Point. Why? Because, they may be just a bit to real for the outside world.

The Beast of the Kittitas

There is some debate on how long the beast has been terrorizing the rural reaches of Haven Point, but no matter which version of the legend you hear one thing remains the same. A beast is said to roam the outskirts of town, and it has a taste for human flesh.

As said before legends vary from person to person, but most tell of an animal-like creature, walking on its hind legs that tracks and terrorizes local hunters, hikers and campers alike. Said to stand no taller than a man, this beast can mimic the voices of its victims as well as take on their form. Its eyes are said to glow red and it emits a cry that reaches into your very soul.

Some call it a werewolf, some call it a myth, but others are careful to lock their doors tight and not be caught in the forest at night.

»More information on the legend can be found on the grid.«

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