Lincoln Heights

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Common Sights in Lincoln Heights

  • Empty beer and liquor cans and bottles casually discarded on the sidewalk.
  • A bag lady shuffling down the street, pushing a battered shopping cart containing all her worldly possessions.
  • Handfuls of college kids risking it on the wrong side of the tracks.
  • Suspicious individuals lingering on street corners.

Lincoln Heights fills the area north of Haven Point Proper. It’s been called by a lot of names over the years. There is no real ethnic persuasion over the neighborhood, instead a scattered population of each can be found, from Puerto Ricans, to African Americans all the way down to Asians and Caucasians. Most of the area is fairly run-down, a grouping of hard-luck business attempts and squalid residential streets. Here and there residents with money have tried to improve things a bit, even building some duplexes amid the sea of tenements and apartment buildings. Most residents of Haven Point will tell you these "upper class" locals got their money dealing drugs; for their part, the residents of Lincoln Heights dismiss this as discrimination.

The truth is that while it is one of the areas worst eyesores, Lincoln Heights doesn't have a major crime problem like many would think. While it's true that the area does have gangs and crime is much higher than in the northern streets, the area is rather mild in comparison to other towns and cities. There are drugs and there are even carjackings, but the biggest problem that Lincoln Heights deals with is a lose of mortal fiber as bars continue to pop up and other vices, such as the sex trade, slowly creep into the area.

Who's Who in Lincoln Heights

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