Useful Icons

The icons found below are just small contributions from staff and players alike. If you would like to add icons to this page, please be sure that they are no larger than 300X300. Remember, no moving images (gifs) at all on the wiki, please.

Character Icons

amelia-icon.jpg ashton-icon.jpg belle-icon.jpg claudia-icon.jpg ellie-icon.jpg elliot-icon.jpg evie-icon.jpg greg-icon.jpg jude-icon.jpg
Amelia Ashton Belle Claudia Ellie Elliot Evie Greg Jude
marty-icon.jpg meadowlark-icon.jpg michelle-icon.jpg rhydian-icon.jpg samuel-icon.jpg vivica-icon.jpg
Marty Meadowlark Michelle Rhydian Samuel Vivica

Magic Icons

fire-1.jpg - Fire
water-1.jpg - Water
earth-1.jpg - Earth
air-1.jpg - Air
energy-1.jpg - Energy
psychic-1.jpg - Psychic
human-1.jpg - Human

Misc Icons

Black Sheep Cafe Garden Gate Firehouse Grill NSU Psi Kappa Nu Sigma Zeta Rho
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