Throughout history, the presence of witches has had various impacts on the lives of mortals. At some point a religious society was formed which marked the beginning of the established vigilantes called Hunters. This group eventually branched off, each charged with exterminating evils, from this group came Witch Hunters. These vigilantes hunt witches out of pure hatred and fear of witches, believing all magic to be evil and Satanic in origin, though uniquely enough they're able to identify between white and dark magic. They're vast knowledge and multiple numbers make them dangerous threats.

Sometime in the mid-1900s, six youth from of Haven Point were tracked down in other cities and massacred by an organization of Witch Hunters known as the "True Believers". It was this act that lead to the summoning of demons by an active circle, and eventually to the banning of bound magic in Haven Point.

Hunters are not open for application

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