Humans are what make the world go round. Everyone can't possess magical powers, somewhere there must be the one thing that keeps the balance of things in check, humans. They hail from every walk of life. They have secrets and tragedies all their own. They live and die. They love and lose. They hate and terrorize. And they fear. The humans of the world are driven by fear easily these days, making most of them close-minded and ignorant of the supernatural world around them. It is safe to say that most humans do not believe in magic, and the very few that do are either viewed as freaks, or look upon it with fear and misunderstanding.

Details & Facts

  • Humans & Magic: Witches are humans that possess a biological affinity to use and practice magic. Humans are described as those not born with an inherent ability to use magic, though a few humans have been shown to practice magic by drawing upon external sources (Ex:Channeling the power of another witch and/or practicing Voodoo), whereas witches channel magic from an internal source.
  • Heritage: Whereas if two witches produce children the offspring will always inherent magical power, if a witch and human come together and produce a child, there's only a 50% chance that the child will inherit the magical genetics required to use magic.
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