Haven Point Proper

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Making up the whole of the southern portion of the greater Haven Point area, Have Point Proper, or the Proper as it has come to be known, features a mix of residential and shopping areas all settled in the heart of the more historical streets of the town. It has a very low crime rate, thanks in large part to the presence of the local PD. Despite their presence, what the neighborhood lacks in street crime it makes up for in missing persons cases. Mixed among the beautiful awnings, storefronts and high income housing, missing persons posters are a constant reminder of the unseen dangers of the modern world.
This neighborhood has little in the way of poverty. Residents live along the lines of upper-middle class and fabulous wealthy. Even with such a wide rang of social mixtures, the residential areas are broken down by 'class', with the wealthier families residing in gated communities like Cherrywood Heights, while upper-middle class families enjoy the quaint, small town feel of areas like Amity Lane. To add even more spice to the community, thanks to the university the neighborhood sees a large number of college students on it's streets. The students are primary for the towns economy, driving the sales for restaurants and bars up from successful' to 'extremely successful'. Students enjoy well priced housing from on campus rooms to loft apartments and brownstone rentals.

Who's Who in The Proper

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