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Welcome to the Dark Things FAQ!

I am aware that many things are not exactly clear when it comes to the information given on the wiki and game files. Please remember that this game is not only new, but based on a short lived series which has left many holes that I and Mystic are working to fill. If for some reason you have a question concerning the theme, please feel free to contact me or Mystic and we will be happy to answer it, as well as address any updates or changes this causes to files and rules.

Again, please bear with us and continue your good work in finding typos and bugs as the staff work to make this a fun RP environment.

~ Occult, Game Admin

Just A Reminder

  • Here we try and cover all the most frequently asked questions that aren't currently present in the wiki and/or on game.
  • Feel free to browse the wiki, peruse the common questions, and if your question isn't answered, go ahead and ask it the admin!

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  • Q - Do humans know about the witch population in Haven Point?
    • A - No. The witch population keep to themselves, and it is forbidden to work magic in the presence of the 'unknowing'. Recklessly doing magic in public (or at all really) could draw hunters to the town and that would be disastrous, therefore the elders circle has ruled that dangers to the magical community will have their powers stripped. For this reason very /very/ few humans are aware of the supernatural elements around them.
  • Q - Can my human learn magic?
    • **A - There are some levels of magic that humans can use, however it takes a deep understanding of magic to get this far. Most humans, even believers, do not have the proper tools or occult education to manage magic, as Barns & Nobel just doesn't have the proper literature.
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