Finishing Touches

Now set the final fields for you application. Please remember that only well written characters will be approved, so taking the quick, short route to finishing your background or taking the lazy avenue to set your info will not get you approved. This is a writing game. Be prepared to write.

Please feel free to contact staff if you feel you need help, but PLEASE read the related files before you ask for help.

  • Character Reputation : Everyone has some type of reputation, be it as a well known person or someone who barely appears as a bleep on the social radar. This is what staff expect for this entry. Even if your character is brand new to town, set your rep as what you intend their rep to be.
  • Character Family: Please provide a small outline of your family. Please include parents, their occupations, siblings as well as any other important details involved in the family dynamic. This should be 50 words at minimum.
  • Character Background : Tell us about where your character comes from and what their life was like. Remember that if you are apping a supernatural, staff will expect mush more effort and thought to be put into your application. The Background must include important details about their life as a supernatural, and any high stats or qualities/disadvantages will need to be worked into this. Staff will absolutely not approve lazy or vague backgrounds. This should be 250 words at minimum.
  • Character Notes : In some cases you will need to explain specific Qualities, Drawbacks or important details about your character. These explanations will need to support your background.
  • Need A Home? : There are Housing Options on '+bbread 2/2'

Important Questions

You will need to answer the following questions with a simple Yes or No answer. These will add you to storyteller lists.

  • Circle: Are you interested in forming or joining a circle?
  • Local: Have you been part of Haven Point for at least 3 years?
  • University: Are you enrolled at the University?


There are some spells and races that can see the auras of individuals. The Aura is a good way to deeper define what your character is truly like. Though you can set as many as you like, staff ask that you only set the main /3/ auras (Primary aura, Subconscious Aura and Core Aura).

  • The Primary Aura is the aura that is most present in your general behavior. Its the easiest to read.
  • The Subconscious Aura is the aura that is much more deeply tied into the the feelings they hide from the outside world. It is harder to read.
  • The Core Aura is the aura that is the aura that most represents the characters feelings at their core. The most honest representation of how they feel about the world around them. This is the hardest to read.
# Color Emotion
1 Orange Afraid
2 Purple Aggressive
3 Red Angry
4 Brown Bitter
5 Light-Blue Calm
6 Pink Compassionate
7 Lavender Conservative
8 Gray Depressed
# Color Emotion
9 Deep-Red Desirous/Lustful
10 ight-Green Distrustful
11 Crimson Enraged
12 Dark-Green Envious
13 Violet Excited
14 Rose Generous
15 Vermilion Happy
16 Black Hateful
# Color Emotion
17 Yellow Idealistic
18 White Innocent
19 Blue Love
20 Green Obsessed
21 Silver Sad
22 Gold Spiritual
23 Dark-Blue Suspicious
24 Mottled-Shifting Confused
25 Hypnotic-Swirling Psychotic
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