About The Family

Descended from Reverend John Hale, an early supporter of the witch trials in Salem, the Hale family moved from Beverly, Massachusetts to Haven Point somewhere around the time of the town's founding. The family, while not considered one of the original founding families, has a strong foothold in town.

Family Facts

  • Edwin Hale owns the local bookstore, Westward Books.
  • Possible family links could be: The Callahan Family of Haven Point


  • Family Head: Edwin Hale
  • Elder(s): Constance Hale
  • Related Locations: Westward Books

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Edwin & Constance Hale

Edwin and Constance Hale have been fixtures in Haven Point for the upper side of fifty years. They're well respected in the community as were their parents before them.

  • Children: Daniel Hale

Daniel & Hannah Hale

Daniel Hale is your average middle-class man. He's a good father taking time to spend with his children, working a 9-5 job as an architect with a little overtime here and there when necessary. He fell in love with Hannah during high school though it was until their college days at NEU that the pair took off as a couple and eventually married.

The middle child of Roger and Loraine Callahan, Hannah's relationship with her family and the council is tenuous at its best. While she was once looked on fondly as he earth affinity grew following in her parent's footsteps, it was her choice to marry outside the magical community that was her downfall. Instead of following the recommendations of her family and marrying the son of an old family friend, a witch from neighboring New Hampshire, she followed her heart and married Daniel. Hannah teaches fourth grade at the local elementary school.

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