About The Family

After a series of moves back and forth from Amherst,the Gray family made their final move back into town around 4 years ago. Since then they've found their place, opening a small cafe known as The Black Sheep, and diving head first into community activities. Lynette works at the local public library, while Joe Gray coach football and teaches history at Haven Point High School. The Gray kids are pretty well behaved, though that son of theirs has had a few small run-ins with the law.

Family Facts

  • Lynette was born in Haven Point as a Cunningham. She later married out-of-towner, Joe Gray.
  • The Gray family are very involved in the City Council, especially the social calendar.
  • Family links are: Cunningham

Families & Members

  • Joe Gray - 55 years old - High School Coach
  • Lynette Cunningham-Gray - 53 years old - Librarian
    • Aiden Gray(R) - 21 years old - College Junior
    • Abigale Gray(R) - 20 years old - College Sophomore
    • Amelia Gray - 19 years old - College Freshman
    • Ava Gray(R) - 17 years old - High School Senior (Home-Schooled)
    • Maddie-Lou Gray - 3 years old - Pest


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