About The Family

The Gorman's are yet another family submerged in the history of Haven Point. Though the family is well known and respected in Haven Point, the line of witches tend to find themselves neatly tucked away in the local rumor mill more often than not. The family line is deep with rumored affairs, love children, lies, betrayals and dark magic. Of course, these are all just rumors. Tragedy is also no stranger to the family line. Many years ago the Gormans lost their only daughter, Elizabeth, to a house fire in New York. Later on, Emily would lose her husband in a car accident.

The Gorman's are a strong voice for the magical community and one of the few families that promote safe and healthy magical studies for the youth. They Gorman's have always stood firm in their belief that magic is not a weakness but a strength, an stifling it is a dangerous thing. Today Emily entertains a seat on the city council and elder circle.

Family Facts

  • Founding Family - The Gormans are one of the original 8 founding families of Haven Point.
  • White Magic History - Unlike some of the families in Haven Point, the Gormans have no known history of dark magic in their bloodline.
  • Pro-Magic - The Gormans are encouraged to develop their magic. They are however, not permitted to join a circle.

Families & Members

  • Rodney Gorman - Husband/Lawyer (Deceased)
  • Emily Gorman - Wife/Business Owner
    • Elizabeth Gorman - Daughter/Unknown (Deceased)


  • Family Head: Emily Gorman
  • Elder(s): None
  • Locations: Fountain of Youth Spa

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RP Hooks

  • Emily is the elder for the Gorman family.
  • The death of Rodney Gorman was declared an accident after his car ran off a bridge during a thunderstorm.
  • There are rumor that the Gormans are descended fro Dark Magic.

Application Notes

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