In the magic community the Cunningham's are a strong voice in a stressed environment. They take no sides in the debate between lite and dark magic, instead they point attention to the many tragedies that have befallen the town before the strike on magic came into place. Dr. Cunningham does not approve of the use of incantations, and instead prefers to use the 'safe' practice of crystals and herbs. The family does not side with anyone in votes, instead preferring to view each problem as a new subject, rather than playing into the circles popularity games.

Family Facts

  • The Cunningham family was one of the original 8 families to found Haven Point.
  • Henry Cunningham holds a chair on the city council.
  • Henry and Ester have three children, the oldest being in her early 50's, the youngest in her late teens.
  • Linked Family Lines: The Gray Family
Family Head Henry Cunningham
Family Elder(s) Ester Cunningham
RP Hooks
Founding Family White Magic History
Application Note
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Meet The Cunninghams

Henry & Ester Cunningham

Henry and Ester Cunningham are extremely respected people in the small town of Haven Point. Though the couple is in their 70's, they are most known for their relationship, which produced children well into Esters 40's. While this does happen, it makes for a unique home-life for the Cunningham children. Both devoted friends of the community, the Cunningham's strive to be voices of reason when tempers flair. They enjoy a very close relationship with their children, as well as their grandchildren.

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