About The Family

The Brooks family has been around Haven Point since..well, forever and as long as locals can think back, the Brooks Farm has been the place to go for riding lessons and summer time trail rides. The farm was founded shortly after the town itself, when the Brooks family arrived from the south. Though always well respected, the family has always valued privacy and remained on the fringes of town. In the most recent years the Brooks have fallen into silence. Though the farm is still managed by the last remaining male Brooks, many see the farm fading out of existence once the young mans interest wanes. Some have hope the older sister will keep the tradition going.

Family Facts

  • Beyond their involvement in the towns farm scene, the family itself has become steeped in mystery since the death of Kathryn Brooks and the disappearance of her husband Gavin. Everyone has a theory of course.


  • Gavin Brooks - Oil Field Worker - Missing since 2012 (Presumed Dead)
  • Kathryn Brantley-Brooks - House Wife - Killed in 2010


  • Family Head: None
  • Elder(s): None
  • Related Locations: Brooks Farm

Related Lines

  • Linked Family Lines: The Brantley Family

RP Hooks

  • Kathryn Brantley-Brooks was murdered in 2010. Her murderer was never caught.
  • Gavin Brooks (husband of Kathryn) vanished without a trace 2 years later.
  • Jude Brooks is the last remaining male of the Brooks line.
  • The Brooks children are viewed with a mix of pity and weariness. The family is considered strange by town standards.

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