One of the original founding families of Haven Point, the Bates family has a history drenched in white magic. While they prefer to sit back and allow the hard decisions to be made by popular vote, the Bates family are not pushovers. The Bates clan have taken a firm standing against dark magic over the past several generations, pushing for the council to outlaw the use of magic in hopes to diminish the development of dark magic in the younger generations. The popular vote so far as not been in favor of their idea, and instead the council has taken a more vigilant stance on the education of the younger generations. Still, Edgar Bates remains sure that despite the good intentions behind many of the families educational tactics regarding magic, that the ignorance of youth coupled with the growing stress of modern day adolescents will lead more than a few budding witches down the darker path.

Family Facts

  • The Bates family was one of the original 8 families to found Haven Point.
  • Edgar Bates holds a chair on the city council.
  • Elenore Yale-Bates is blind due to a demon attack when she was young.
  • Sol and Lucile conceived their son when they were high school seniors.
  • The children of the Bates family are not permitted to join an outside circle.
  • Possible family links could be: The Yale Family of Amherst, The Craft Family of Haven Point
Family Head Edgar Bates
Family Elder(s) Elenore Yale-Bates
RP Hooks
Founding Family White Magic History
Anti-Dark Magic
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Meet The Bates

Edgar & Elenore Bates

Mr. and Mrs. Bates are well known and respected individuals in both the magical community and that of Haven Point. Firm believers in keeping purity in bloodlines and preparing the youth for the hard roads ahead of young witches, they are most well known for their rather firm stand against dark magic. There is no room for it in the magical world as far as the Bates family sees, and they aren't afraid to make that known. More importantly, the Bates family as a whole are deeply rooted into the foundation of Haven Point. While Edgar is not the head of the Elders Council, it is believed that his family lead the pilgrimage to what is now the town.

Sol & Lucile Bates

The construction of the Bates family is nothing short of average. Mother Lucile works part time as a secretary at a local law firm, while dad Sol works at the family’s restaurant ‘The Firehouse Grill’, a local hotspot for the town’s college scene. The family lives in the loft over the restaurant, not atypical of business owners in Haven Point. The only thing not completely normal are the daughters, triplets no doubt, that are often seen working for their father in the restaurant.

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