Living In Fiction

Everyone know that there’s nothing worse than sitting online on a game you love and thinking about how you wished something would happen. We’re all guilty of this, even myself, however the truth of the matter is that there’s really no excuse to be bored if you /really/ get into the story and put forth the same potential that you would in real life. Below are a few ways that this can be done.

He Said, She Said

Start Rumors! It can be about you or someone else. Take something and spin it. Misunderstand or out right lie! If its within the character of your PC then there’s no reason NOT to play it up. If your character dislikes someone, why not make their IC life a living hell? We’re all adults here!

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

It’s common for people to find that special someone ICly and cling to them like there’s no tomorrow. We all love playing up that romance that will span the ages however, why not make it a little more real? People fight, they argue and they cheat! YES, I said cheat! They manipulate one another and in some cases will stop at nothing to have that special someone, even if they are taken. There’s nothing wrong with a little pull and tug ICly. Sure, this may work better if you work out the minor details with the other parties involved, but scheming and manipulation (magical even) are one of the things that make themes (Like The Secret Circle) something so fun. Diane and Adam had been together since childhood, but that didn’t stop Cassie from trying to slide in and snatch up her soul mate! This doesn’t mean you have to break up your romantic relationship for good, but a little adventure and experience never hurt anyone.

Keep Your Enemies Closer!

We’re adults, as I said before, and part of being an adult in the RP world is knowing the difference between IC and OOC feelings. In life there are ALWAYS those people we dislike. Maybe we have a god reason or maybe, just maybe, we don’t. It’s OKAY to have enemies in RP. People you can hiss insults at, trip going down the hall, or even steal, lie and cheat on. This falls into the anti-perfect rule. To be truly flawed, you have to have flaws in the first place.


You don’t always have to be right. You don’t always have to do everything the first try! Perfection is boring, so why would you want to RP it every day? Have your characters fail. Maybe they misinterpret the clues they find. Maybe they just out right suck at something. Don’t shoot for impressive and perfect in RP. Shoot for believable!

Be Prepared!

This is a little different than some places, but always expect the unexpected. The Staff here on Dark Things like to shake things up, so never think you have all the pieces to the puzzle. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We’re in this for the story! Everything isn’t going to be rainbows and unicorns!

And finally…

Be An Adult!

I can’t stress this enough. Don’t take IC seriously. Don’t let a hateful character make you dislike the player! Remember to be respectful and if for some reason insults begin to fly ICly, its okay to page the other party and offer them a kind word OOCly. Always warn people before you become ICly violent, and please remember that a Dead PC can’t make RP. People may die, but this should be a last ditch outcome. After all, how many times do people almost die in a TV or book series before the stay that way?

This all being said I hope this helps. Please keep these things in mind when you play. Get with your fellow RPers and come up with some side stories! Be unique to other games and endure the days and weeks! Don’t let boredom kill us before we start!

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