A Demon is a malevolent creature which can possess the bodies of humans, psychics and witches. While demons do have their own powers, these powers pale in comparison to that of a psychic or witch, because of this demons prefer to possess one of the two, though they especially seek out witches. Possessing a psychic or witch allows the demon's powers to intensify, while a mere human supplies a demon with a simple vessel and little more.

Demons are corporal in nature and must possess a vessel to remain in this world. Because of their dark natures, demons prefer to possess insects and snakes when they cannot reach a human, psychic or witch. These vessels allow the demon to move freely unnoticed by most as they search out a more powerful vessel.

In the past years there have been rumors of werewolves becoming possessed, though many speculate that this is merely story.

Theme History


The origin of the Demonic race remains a mystery, however when it comes to the problem Haven Point has with demons, the history is well known by many of the bloodlines of the town. In the years following the founding of the town, a coven of witches sought to summon demons in the hopes of gaining their power and ending the witch hunts that had driven their people into hiding. The demons summoned were however, to powerful for the witches to control. Rather than steal away their power, the coven were forced to abandon their plans, instead locking the demons away in a tightly sealed wooden box which was in turn sunk to the very bottom of the near by lake. The Elders Circle has, since then, protected the town from the discovery of the box, keeping a very close watch over the lake as well as keeping an eye out for any demons who may seek out their brothers. Most young witches firmly believe this is little more than a fairytale to keep them in line.


Demons are typically only seen in the form of the possessed vessel, however they also may be found in the form of insects (preferably locus and beetles) or snakes (always preferring venomous species local to the area). In their true form the human eye perceives a demon as a leech-like creature that slithers. They are inky black in color.

Demon Powers

  • Immortality: The supernatural ability of eternal life and youth.
  • Possession: The supernatural ability to control and manipulate the body, mind, and soul of a living being.
  • Speed: The supernatural ability to jump, move and run at superhuman velocity.
  • Strength: The supernatural ability of abnormal strength.
  • Pain Resistance: Demons can resist immense pain and keep fighting.

Demon Weaknesses

  • Crystals: An artifact of mystical power that is extremely lethal toward Demons.
  • Fire: A substance of fuel that is extremely lethal toward Demons.
  • Water: While water itself is not lethal toward demons, they can be killed by drowning.

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