Choices: See List Below

  • Writing: Academic (learned expositions of the arts, humanities or sciences)
  • Writing: Advocacy (legal arguments, ad copy or promotional materials)
  • Writing: Creative (such as novels, poems or plays)
  • Writing: Journalist (informative discussions of newsworthy topics)
  • Writing: Technical (precise descriptions using nomenclature specific to a certain technology)

This skill allows the character to construct and write entertaining and/or meaningful written accounts and narratives. The character is able to write text in a convincing manner to suit whatever goal or presentation is required.

Notes of Use

  • Using an Intelligence + Writing Task the character is able to write documents, items, notes, or whatever the type of specialization implies
    • The quality of the writing depends on the Success Levels obtained
  • Using a Perception + Writing Task, the character can critique writing of the style with which she is familiar
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