Tap Emotions

Prerequisites: Affect the Psyche
Magicians with this Invocation can actually absorb the Essence of those around them, provided the people involved are experiencing strong, positive emotions. Some Wicce and Rosicrucian performers use this Invocation to tap into the power of their audience, much like Vampyres with the Bard Power do. As long as no one is being hurt (the Essence taken was released naturally by the emotions the crowd feels), the use of this Invocation is condoned by most Covenants. Groups like the Sentinels, however, find it objectionable under any circumstances.

Normal Gifted Magicians can only tap onto positive emotions like love, glee or excitement. Black Magic practitioners have an equivalent Invocation (not taught by the Wicce or the Rosicrucians) that allows them to absorb Essence released by any emotion, including anger, hatred or terror. Some of these sorcerers become hatemongers, inciting crowds into a frenzy to feed on their dark emotions. The main drawback of this dark version of the magic is that the negative emotions affect the Magician’s personality, turning her into a bitter creature, unable to experience happiness.

Absorb Power Effect

This effect requires that the Magician be surrounded by a crowd and that its attention be wholly focused on her. Most Magicians “hide” their Invocation as part of the performance itself, thus avoiding the problems of having to overcome the disbelief of the crowd (see WitchCraft, Chapter Six: Metaphysics, The Crowd Effect). The people in the crowd must be feeling positive emotions towards the Magician; this is usually achieved through mundane means, using performance skills. If the crowd is not pleased by the performance, this Invocation will be ineffective.

To tap into the Essence of the crowd, the Magician must first spend her own Essence. The larger the crowd, the more expensive the process is. Use the nearby Crowd Essence Effect Table. For example, tapping into the energy of a crowd of 70 people would cost 8 Essence points. The number of people involved also makes the Invocation more difficult. The Task must achieve an additional Success Level for each 20 people above 40 (rounded up). In the example above, the Invocation Task attempt must achieve three Success Levels to work. Most magical performers prefer to work crowds of under a hundred, or focus the Invocation only on a portion of the audience.
Crowd Essence Cost Table
Number of People Involved Amount of Essence Required (round down)
10-20 1/5 per person
21-50 4 plus 1 per 25 people
51-100 6 plus 1 per 50 people

If the Invocation is successful, the Magician collects 1 Essence point per person in the affected crowd. This Essence can be used to power other rituals, replenish the Magician’s Essence Pool, or be held until needed (although holding onto a lot of Essence can be dangerous, see WitchCraft, Chapter Six: Metaphysics, The Summoning for more information). Most of the time, the Magician will only be able to tap into a fraction of the Essence released by the performance.

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