Spirit Limbs

This Invocation allows the Magician to manipulate objects at a distance. It is similar to the Seer Power Mindhands, but not quite as versatile or powerful. The range and strength of the Spirit Limbs are determined by the Essence spent by the Magician, and the Power cannot be used defensively like the Seer Power. In all other regards, the Power works much like the Mindhands ability (see WitchCraft, Chapter Six: Metaphysics).

Spirit Limbs Effects

This effect costs 2 Essence points per Strength level of the limbs. It also costs 1 Essence point for every 5 meters (yards) of range (this is the maximum distance from the Magician that the power can be used, unlike Mindhands, which has a range of line of sight). When successful, the Focus Task powers the Spirit Limbs for 1 turn plus 1 turn per Success Level. Continuing the duration requires a new Focus Task, and more Essence to be spent.

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