Sendings are magical communications. Only Gifted characters can see them. The Magician sends an image of her head or face (for more Essence, the image can look like anything the Magician wishes).

Although a Sending can reach the intended target anywhere in the world, the Invocation does not reveal to the sender the location of the subject of the message. The message works much like a radio signal tuned to a unique frequency — the “frequency” being the individual’s Essence matrix. Therefore, the Invocation only works on people the Magician has seen before. In effect, the visualization needed for the magic to work requires some memory of the target.

The Sending usually consists of both a visual and auditory component. Only the target can see and hear the Sending. Most sorcerers send an image of their face or head to better identify themselves. Others disguise their features or make themselves look like strange creatures. Such disguise changes require one or more successful Intelligence and Disguise Tasks (in the Chronicler’s discretion). Once contact is established, the Magician can speak with the target and “hear” his responses for the duration of the Invocation.

Sending Effect

If successful, the Magician makes contact with the target anywhere on the planet. This contact allows for conversation but very little else; magic cannot be cast by or against either the Magician or the subject. An accomplished Seer might be able to use the connection to establish a telepathic link between the two with Mindtalk or Mindsight, but it will be very difficult, with a penalty of -6 to all related Tasks.

This effect costs 15 Essence points, regardless of range. Contact takes between ten minutes and two hours, depending on how far away the target is (this gives the Magician an indication of the distance between them, but there is no hard-and-fast ratio between the distance and time). Once it is established, the Sending lasts until the caster stops it. No other actions can be taken while the Sending is being maintained, however. If the Sending is dropped, the Magician must repeat the process from scratch to re-establish contact.

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