This skill allows a character to search out information or follow a series of clues and leads to a reasonable conclusion through deduction, source checking, going to libraries, searching on the Internet, and the like. Alternatively, this skill can be used by the character to do legwork — running down leads on a story, or questioning contacts and sources of information (the latter would incur some penalties; this aspect would best be left to the Questioning Skill).

Notes of Use

  • In all cases, the use of this skill takes time. The amount of time is determined by the staff based on the nature of the search being undertaken by the character.
  • Most uses of this skill involve Intelligence + Research Tasks
  • Use Constitution + Research in the case of searching through dusty old tomes for long periods of time
  • Use Perception + Research in the case of researching obscure facts in voluminous materials, such as finding a certain name in a room full of documents
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