Physical Disability

Cost: Variable Physical Drawback

This Drawback covers any physical problems affecting the limbs of the character. A disabled character may suffer from limb loss, spinal column damage, and any number of tragic impairments. The possibilities are discussed below.

  • Missing or Crippled Arm/Hand: The hand in question cannot be used to grab or hold objects. Any Test or Task requiring two hands is at a disadvantage (-3 or worse) or simply impossible. This is a 2-point Drawback. A character with a prosthetic hand can overcome some of these problems, reducing the Drawback to 1 point in value.
  • Missing or Crippled Leg/Foot: The character is unable to walk or run normally. With the help of crutches or a cane, she can move at up to one-third the normal Speed value of the character. Hand-to-hand combat Tasks are at -2. This is a 3-point Drawback. Prosthetics can reduce the penalties, increasing speed to up to half-normal, and reducing combat penalties to -1. This reduces the Drawback value to 2 points.
  • Missing or Crippled Legs: The character is unable to walk. Without the help of a wheelchair, the best she can do is crawl or roll on the ground. This is a 4-point Drawback.
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