Night Curse

Random flows of Essence shape the Sephiroth of Hod. Gifted capable of controlling Essence can exert their influence over the Dream Realms. The Magician's ability to shape others' dreams is the most common form of this control.


By spending three Essence Points, a Magician may shape her enemy's Panorama, inflicting severe nightmares on the dreamer. The Magician may insert specific images into the dream by succeeding at a Difficult Willpower Test; otherwise, the victim's subconscious shapes the Nightmare. The Magician rolls a Willpower and Night Curse Task. If the Task succeeds, the victim loses D4(2) Endurance Points, plus one point for every Success Level achieved.


Dreamcatchers protect the sleeper from harmful nocturnal attacks. To create one, the Caster must know the Empowerment, Night Curse, and Warding Invocations. Dreamcatchers work as an Empowered item, with the Warding Invocation protecting the sleeper from attacking beings. This works like any other Warding - it protects the subject from hostile spirits and from any sensory or locating metaphysical power. It also prevents Mara and Night Terrors from entering the sleeper's Panorama. Anyone on the bed below a Dreamcatcher benefits from this effect.

In addition, Dreamcatchers protect against the Night Curse Invocation. The Strength Rating of the DreamcatcherÕs Warding acts as an Essence Shield, with a Protection Rating 10 plus the Warding's Strength. Any Magician casting Night Curse at the subject must roll a Focus Task (Invocation and Willpower) higher than this number. This is a unique property of the Dreamcatcher, which sets it apart from other Wardings. The Dreamcatcher blocks only the Night Curse Invocation; an Essence Shield is required to block other Invocations.

The Ghost Dancers, the Wicce, and other Shamanistic Covenants use Dreamcatchers. Dreamcatchers require a very high Essence Point cost to make, so most Magicians only create them for themselves and for people very important to them.

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