Using Mindview Defensively

Characters with Mindview often get flashes of nearby danger or threats — a sniper on a roof, a group of assassins waiting for the character to come out of a building, a speeding car just turning the corner. The staff or storytellers may warn the psychic of any such danger by requiring a Perception and Mindview Art Task. Even if the Task is failed, the psychic should have the impression that something is going on (just as his player will have, having just been required to perform a Task).

This power allows the psychic to transcend the limits of the senses. Characters with Mindview can “see” things unimpeded by distance or barriers. Usually, these visions are triggered by intense emotions or releases of Essence. The psychic often sees crimes being committed, supernatural beings preying on helpless humans, and other disturbing events and incidents. Generally, these visions also have a purpose — many times, the psychic is in a position to do something about the situation he sees. People of a religious bent see Mindview as being messages from Gods or orders from Fate. The more cynical consider this to be a curse where the victim has two choices — get involved in dangerous and horrifying situations, or live with the terrible images of the things he allows to happen.

Mindview can also be used actively by the character. These clairvoyant effects allow the psychic to see through walls or containers. The ability is thus very useful for spies and investigators — provided they accept the terrible price for these powers.

Using Mindview

All characters with Mindview are subject to random visions of danger and horror; this power works in many ways like Mindtime. Mindview is used as a powerful tool in guiding the characters during plots, so a willingness to work with staff (not against staff) is important. If you cannot take direction, dont app this power. Visions may alert the characters to possible threats and enemies, and, if interpreted correctly, may provide valuable clues and information. Random Mindview flashes are also a burden, as the character is often plagued by visions of vicious crimes and disasters, and sometimes he may not be able to do anything to prevent them.

Mindview Tasks use Perception and Mindview Art. There are two types of activities possible.

  • The first, visions, are flashes of insight about ongoing events controlled by the staff and storytellers. Often, the character sees through the eyes of a victim or perpetrator, or from a worm or bird’s eye view. Each vision works differently, but the point of view is often confusing, and most visions are short. Typically, the character will get multiple related visions each adding a little more information to the overall puzzle.
  • The second are viewings, which is the attempt to see past barriers or beyond the range of the normal sense of sight — looking inside a safe, or a place the character has never seen but knows about. The range of viewings is based on the Strength of the power.
Mindview Strength Table
Strength Abilities
1 Only brief glimpses of events are seen, equivalent to the blink of an eye. The range of a viewing is 1 yard (meter) per level of Perception plus Mindview Strength.
3 A few seconds (1 Turn) are seen of the scene or vision. The viewing range is 10 yards (meters) per level of Perception and Mindview Strength.
6 A whole scene, lasting a few minutes, can be seen in a vision.
8 Viewing range is equal to 100 yards (meters) per level of Perception and Mindview Strength.
10 Detailed, extended visions are possible. Viewing range is equal to 1 mile (1.5 kilometers) per level of Perception and Mindview Strength.
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