Using Mindtime Defensively

Characters with a high Mindtime Art level can try to use their power in combat. By knowing what their opponents may do beforehand, the psychics can sidestep or avoid the attack. Treat this as a Difficult Attribute Test, using Mindtime Art as an Attribute. This counts as one action in a Turn. If successful, each Success Level of the Test adds a +2 bonus to the psychic’s attack and defense rolls for the next two Turns, representing the ability to react to attacks before they get started! If the attempt fails, however, the character is overwhelmed by the possibilities flashing through his head, and he is at -4 to all Task attempts during the next two Turns.

Seers were particularly valued in the past for their ability to peer into the past or future. The Mindtime Power lets the psychic see past the curtains of time. Characters with this ability are prone to flashes of insight and visions of doom. Experience has also shown that the future is not immune to change; precognitive flashes only show the most likely future (which is also the hardest to change), and active determination is often enough to alter the course of events to come. In general, events involving mundanes are harder to change than those involving the supernatural; mundanes tend to be more tied to the decrees of Fate, while the supernatural, while often pulled along by the vagaries of Fate, are more capable of defining their final destiny.

Using Mindtime

Many uses of Mindtime are spontaneous and not under the control of the psychic. Characters will have a special note of any visions they have during RP. Players need to be ready to work sudden visions into their RP as psychic flashes and premonitions have an important part to play in most plots. Typically, the Staff will tell the player to use the character’s Perception and Mindtime Art in a Task. The level of success of the Task and the Strength of the power determines how much detail is made available to the player. If the Task fails, the character simply feels a vague uneasiness, as if he had something important on the tip of his tongue but cannot quite remember it.

Sometimes, the character will attempt an active use of the power, trying to force a vision about the past or the future. Those attempts use the same rules above, with the power’s Strength and Success Levels determining the outcome.

Looking into the past is easier than looking into the future. The Staff may impose penalties on attempts to see the future, depending on how inevitable the future is. If the issue hangs in the balance, the future vision might only reveal uncertainty.

Mindtime Strength Table
Strength Abilities
1 Vague premonitions about important events or vague feelings about objects and places where memorable events took place are seen.
3 Short flashes of future events or flashbacks about the recent past (one week for each Perception level) are seen.
5 The visions are more detailed and last longer; the images make more sense and are easier to interpret. Visions of the past reach back 1 month per Mindtime Strength plus Perception level.
7 Visions of the past reach back 1 year per Mindtime Strength plus Perception level.
9 Clear visions that replay past or future events with crystalline detail are seen.
10+ Visions of the past reach back up to 1 century per Mindtime Strength plus Perception level.
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