Mindsight Defenses

Characters with Mindsight can try to resist mental attacks. Any Magic, Seer Power or ability that controls, probes or influences the mind is resisted by using Willpower and the Mindsight Strength level. This works as a Resisted Task against whatever force is being used to attack the character.

Thought is an expression of Essence; basically “thought waves” are on the same wavelength as the flow of Essence. This means that any Seer Power that works on the minds of others has similar effects on creatures and constructs of Essence, including Magical effects. Characters with Mindsight have the ability to see the thoughts of others; they can also see the normally invisible flows of Essence and spirit beings. Even 1 Strength level of Mindsight is enough for the character to see any spirit entity that comes within 10 yards (meters) of the character, unless the entity is trying to remain hidden (a Resisted Task using the Seer’s Perception and Mindsight versus the spirit’s Simple Willpower Test is needed in that case).

Using Mindsight

The most common use of Mindsight is to peer into the minds of others. The target of the mind probe must be within range (which is determined by the Mindsight Strength of the psychic) and within line of sight of the Seer, unless previously contacted. This Task uses the Seer’s Perception and Mindsight Art level. The Success Levels of the Task determine how deep the psychic sees into the target’s mind.

Mundanes who pass a Difficult Perception Test can sense something strange, a feeling of being watched or a disturbance at the back of their minds, but unless they are experienced and knowledgeable in the area of psychic phenomena, they will not know exactly what is happening. Gifted characters may resist the intrusion in a number of ways. In such a case, this would be treated as a Resisted Task, with the Gifted using their own Seer Powers, Magic or other abilities to fight off the mind probe.

Most of the time, Mindsight produces short-lived flashes of information. A successful attempt reveals images and words from the subject’s mind. Prolonged contact can be attempted, but it is fatiguing and difficult. To maintain mind-to-mind contact, the Seer must succeed at a new Willpower and Mindsight Art Task. Each Success Level allows for 1 minute of constant supervision. Each minute of mind contact drains the Seer of D4(2) Endurance Points, and requires a great deal of concentration. Should the Seer be attacked or distracted, the contact will be lost. During that time, the psychic can peruse the target’s thoughts and memories at will.

Mindsight Strength Table
Strength Abilities
1 Must touch a person to sense his thoughts; can see large concentrations of Essence and spirit beings within 10 yards (meters).
2 Can reach the minds of others, up to 1 yard (meter) for each level of Willpower plus Mindsight Strength.
3 Range increases to 5 yards (meters) for each level of Willpower plus Mindsight Strength.
5 Range increases to 50 yards (meters) for each level of Willpower plus Mindsight Strength. Line of sight is no longer necessary. The Seer can "scan" an area looking for a particular mind, as long as he has telepathically contacted that mind in the past.
6 Range increases to 100 yards (meters) for each level of Willpower plus Mindsight Strength.
10 Range increases to 1 mile (1.5 kilometers) for each level of Willpower plus Mindsight Strength.
15+ Range increases to 20 miles (30 kilometers) for each level of Willpower plus Mindsight Strength.
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