Using Mindrule Defensively

The same power that lets a Seer control others allows him to maintain control over himself. When attacked by any form of mind control (including an enemy’s attempt to use Mindrule), the Seer resists with his Willpower and Mindrule Strength level.

This is the power to control the minds of others. Seers with Mindrule can command others to do their bidding, and even force people to do things they would never normally do. Making people do something that goes completely against their personality (making someone murder a loved one, for example) is much more difficult to accomplish than “pushing” somebody into doing something they were considering doing anyway (like convincing an already-scared attacker to run away). At the higher Strength levels, Mindrule allows the Seer to completely take control over the target, becoming his puppet master.

Using Mindrule

Seers using Mindrule must be within line of sight of the target. The victim must also be able to look into the psychic’s eyes or hear his voice. If eye contact is used, the psychic must Mindtalk to communicate his desires telepathically; otherwise, the orders or suggestions must be spoken out loud.

Mindrule is a Resisted Task, using the Seer’s Willpower and Mindrule Art against a Difficult Willpower Test on the part of the victim. Gifted may be able to replace the Test with a Magical, Essence or psychic defense. If the orders are totally contrary to what the victim would normally do, the victim gets a bonus of +3 to +7 to the Willpower Test. This is left to the staff’s discretion. Keep in mind that it is much easier to suggest “These are not the androids you’re looking for” than it is to order “Use your gun against your partner, then kill yourself.”

The Strength of the power determines how powerful the commands can be, and how extensive the control achieved is (see nearby Mindrule Strength Table).

Mindrule Strength Table
Strength Abilities
1 Can cause a person to hesitate for a few seconds before doing something, or to follow a fairly reasonable suggestion.
3 Can stop the person from doing something, or force him to obey a one-phrase command like "Freeze!" "Run away" or "Don't bother me."
5 The victim will follow a one sentence command to the letter.
8 The victim can be made to follow detailed instructions.
10+ The Seer can replace the victim's mind with his own, taking total control for 1 Turn. During that Turn, the Seer completely dictates the words and actions of the victim. At the end of the Turn, another Resisted Task is needed to maintain control.
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