Using Mindkill Defensively

Mindkill is primarily an aggressive power. It can help resist an enemy’s Mindkill attack (using Willpower and the Mindkill Strength level), but otherwise it is useless as a defense.

This deadly power is the reverse of Mindheal. This psychic power can break down the body of the victim, causing lethal effects ranging from heart attacks to exploding heads! This power can also be used against supernatural creatures by targeting their Essence directly or by breaking down their material bodies. The main drawback of this powerful ability is that it requires intense concentration, and, like Mindheal, it drains the psychic physically and emotionally. Although the connection between the psychic and the target is not as intense with Mindkill as it is with Mindheal, enough of the agony the psychic inflicts reflects back on him to exact a toll.

Mindkillers are feared and distrusted even by other supernaturals. Even the psychic and magical world consider it to have no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Using Mindkill

The target must be within line of sight of the psychic. A Mindkill attack is resolved as a Resisted Task, using the psychic’s Willpower and Mindkill Art against the victim’s Willpower and Constitution. Mindkill can also be resisted by any power or Invocation that heals damage, obstructs mental probes or restricts the flow of Essence. The psychic can opt to inflict Life, Endurance or Essence Point damage; the degree of damage is determined by the Mindkill Strength level (see the Mindkill Strength Table below).

The psychic does not escape unscathed after harming his target. He feels some of the pain his victim is suffering, and may lose some Endurance and Essence as a consequence. The Seer must pass a Difficult Willpower Test or lose 1 Essence and 1 Endurance Point for every 2 points of damage he inflicted (round down). There are no cumulative penalties for multiple attacks, but if the victim is killed by a Mindkill attack, the Willpower Test is at a -3 penalty.

Mindkill Strength Table
Strength Abilities
1 1 point of Life, Endurance or Essence damage (pick one or split among the three) per level of Strength can be inflicted.
3 Pure pain can be inflicted which drains Endurance normally (determined by the Mindkill Strength) and gives a Task/Test penalty of -1 per point of Endurance damage. The pain lasts for 1 Turn for every 3 Success Levels in the Task (rounded up).
5 Damage inflicted is raised to D4(2) times the Mindkill Strength level, which can be allocated among any of the 3 Secondary Attributes (Life, Endurance or Essence Points).
8 The victim's heart can be stopped. This does no actual Life Point damage, but the victim is incapacitated and will die in (D10(5) + Constitution) minutes unless CPR (First Aid) is administered in that time.
10+ Life Point damage (D4(2) x Mindkill Strength) will manifest in burst blood vessels, torn flesh and even exploding heads if enough damage is inflicted to kill the victim!
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