Using Mindheal Defensively

Mindheal can counter any supernatural power or attack that directly attacks the psychic’s body and health. Curses that afflict the body, the Mindkill Power, and certain harmful Necromantic Invocations can all be resisted by the psychic’s Mindheal Strength and his Willpower. A psychic can not try to regenerate damage as it is inflicted, but must be still and focused to heal.

Healers who can undo wounds, make the crippled whole again, and cure terrible diseases have been the subjects of countless legends among the peoples of every culture. Some such healers use Magic. Some have the inborn ability to take the pain and suffering of others and absorb it themselves. Mindheal is extremely powerful. Healing the wounded is always a very draining process; even healing oneself is exhausting, both physically and emotionally.

Using Mindheal

When curing a wound or disease, the psychic must be in physical contact with the patient. Healing somebody is a Willpower and Mindheal Art Task. The degree of healing possible is determined by the Strength of the power (see the Mindheal Strength Table).

The healing process is extremely painful, however, because the healer must feel the agonies and suffering of the victim. Even if the patient is sedated, the healer will feel the full torment that the anesthetics have masked. Although psychics soon learn to detach themselves from the pain, doing so is a draining experience. After the Mindheal Task is concluded, the character must make a Difficult Willpower Test or lose 1 Essence and 1 Endurance Point for each points of damage he healed (rounded down). Each additional healing attempt on the same person in the same 24-hour period adds a cumulative penalty of -1 to the Willpower Test.

Curing a disease also risks draining the healer if the Willpower Test is failed.

  • Mild diseases (a cold, the flu) drain 2 points from both Essence and Endurance
  • Moderate diseases (smallpox, simple pneumonia) drains 5 points from each
  • Serious diseases (tuberculosis, malaria) drain 10 points from each
  • Terminal diseases (cancer, AIDS) can drain 20 points from each (see Diseases for more information).
    • These losses are recovered normally.

Healing oneself is also possible, but the Willpower Test to resist draining incurs a -2 penalty. A character with Mindheal and other medical skills can use his powers in more subtle and indirect ways. A Perception and Mindheal Art Task adds a +1 to any medical skill Task for every Success Level achieved; this is done by using the power as a diagnostic tool.

Mindheal Strength Table
Strength Ability
1 Injuries are healed at the rate of 1 Life Point or Endurance Point per Mindheal Strength level. Minor diseases can be healed.
4 Wounds are healed at the rate of D6(3) Life Points or Endurance Points per Mindheal Strength level. Moderate diseases can be treated and cured. Crippled or lamed limbs (as the result of a recent injury) can be healed.
6 Serious diseases can be treated and cured.
8 Wounds are healed at the rate of D8(4) Life Points or Endurance Points per Mindheal Strength level.
10+ Complete cellular reconstruction is possible. Crippled limbs (regardless of when they were injured) can be brought to full activity, although missing ones cannot be regrown. Terminal diseases can be cured, or a recently dead body resuscitated.
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