Using Mindfire Defensively

The character can surround himself with an aura of incredibly hot air that melts bullets, burns anybody trying to touch the psychic, and deflects other flame or energy attacks. While this ability is activated, no other uses of Mindfire are possible. This fire “shield” reduces the Damage Multiplier from any flame or energy attack by 1 (if reduced to 0, no damage is inflicted) for every level of Mindfire Strength. It also has an Armor Value of 2 times the Mindfire Strength level. Finally anybody coming within 2-5 feet (in the area of a meter) of the character will suffer D6(3) times the Mindfire Strength level of the psychic in damage. Mindfire does not protect against Essence based attacks, like the Soulfire Invocation.

This power (also known as pyrokinesis) converts the inner strength of the subject into pure energy. Fire is the most common manifestation of this power. Mindfire is a dangerous power, for all the Essence that is transformed into fire acquires a mischievous, destructive character. The psychic must learn to keep his power in check, lest it turn on others or himself.

Using Mindfire

Mindfire Tasks use Willpower and the Mindfire Art. If the Task is successful, flame manifests itself somewhere within line of sight of the psychic. If the Seer uses the power extensively over a short period of time (continually over three rounds, for example), he must pass a Simple Willpower Test to make sure the fire does not run rampant; add the Success Levels of the last Mindfire Task to the Test. On a failure, a random flame effect occurs, with a Strength level of 1-4 (roll D4 or staff’s determination). If the failure occurred as the result of a Rule of 1 roll, the effect strikes the psychic directly!

The psychic can make the fire he manifests appear right on top of a victim. No Dodge is possible, but targets of such an attack can use a Difficult Willpower Test to resist. If the victim wins the Resisted Task, the Mindfire Power fails. Igniting something near a target cannot be resisted, but the victim may try to Dodge. Dodges are possible against jets or balls of flame.

Mindfire Strength Table
Strength Abilities
1 A small flame, the size a match makes, is created. It can ignite highly flammable substances. Inflicts 1 point of damage, if used on a person.
2 A flame the size of a torch inflicts damage of D4(2) per Mindfire Strength level. It can ignite flammable substances (oily rags, dry leaves, or what a lit match would ignite).
3 The flame created can ignite clothing, wood, or anything that continuous contact with an open flame would ignite.
4 A jet of flame, doing D6(3) points of damage per level of Mindfire Strength, is created. Range is equal to Willpower and Mindfire Strength, in yards (meters)
5 A ball of fire doing D4(2) points of damage per level of Mindfire Strength can be tossed. Range is equal to (Willpower + Mindfire Strength) x 10, in yards (meters). Range modifiers are as per handguns see Ranged Weapon Table.
6 An area of flames with a 1-yard (meter) radius per Strength level can be extinguished.
7 Can cause a person to be engulfed in flames, doing D8(4) points of damage times the Seer's Mindfire Strength level.
9 Anything even vaguely flammable (wet wood, flame-retardant fabrics) can be ignited, and metal can be melted.
10+ Can ignite fires over an area with a radius of 1-yard (meter) per Willpower level. Anybody in the area is engulfed, taking the damage listed for Strength level 7.
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