Magicians with this Invocation can try to find anything or anyone by zeroing in on the Essence “signature” of an object, person or creature. The process is time consuming and expensive, however, and it can be blocked in a variety of ways by other Magicians. If the caster does not care about the Essence expense, she will eventually be able to find almost anyone or anything, anywhere in the world. Only the barriers separating Earth from the Otherworlds can protect someone from the reach of this Invocation.

Search Effect

The Magician can look for anybody or anything that she has seen at least once before. The Invocation works as a “spiral search,” with the Magician spending more and more Essence as she widens her search radius. The basic Invocation takes one hour to perform, during which the Magician visualizes the target. At the end of the hour, the Magician must perform the first Perception and Locate Task and spend 10 Essence points. This will attempt to find the target within 100 meters (yards) of the Magician. If the subject is not in the area, the Magician must spend another hour of concentration, and spend an additional 15 Essence points, which will widen the radius to one mile. The next increase (which will take an additional hour) will cost 20 more Essence points, and increases the radius to 5 miles. Each additional increase costs the previous amount of Essence spent, plus 5 (i.e., 25 Essence, 30 Essence, 35 Essence, and so forth), and doubles the radius from the previous level (i.e., 10, 20, and 40 miles). Each new increment requires a separate Focus Task (and if that fails, a Dismissal Task). If a Focus Task fails, the Invocation must be started from scratch.

Mundanes cannot help themselves from being located in this manner, unless they are in a protected location. Wards, Shielding and any Essence barrier will foil the Search, but the Magician will know that the target is in the area, although not his exact location.

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