This Invocation allows the Magician to float or slide on a cushion of Essence. Movement is usually limited to a walking speed; faster speeds are possible but at a greater Essence cost. Floating over a crowd or populated area is very risky. If a number of people see the character, she must overcome their disbelief (see WitchCraft, Chapter Six: Metaphysics, The Crowd Effect) or the Invocation will fail — not a good thing while floating in the air.

Float Effect

The Magician can make herself hover and/or float at a slow pace in the direction she desires. The base speed is five miles per hour, which also allows the Magician to move up or down some 5 to 10 meters (yards) per turn (note that most people can run much faster than that). Once the Magician is up in the air, wind currents may propel her at greater speeds (but not necessarily in the direction she wants, unless she is controlling the wind somehow). In fact, the Magician may need to fight or maneuver against the wind to get where she wants to go, especially in open areas.

This effect costs 10 Essence points and lasts 1 minute per Success Level in the Focus Task. Making someone else float costs 15 Essence points, and the target’s movement will be controlled by the Magician. Unwilling targets resist with a Simple Willpower Test.

Increasing the speed of the Levitation is possible, but very costly. Each additional mile per hour of speed costs 3 Essence points.

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