Lesser Illusion

Essence can be used to fool the senses, creating a simulacrum that may appear, sound and even smell like the real thing. Such illusions are not solid, however, nor do they cast a shadow (although the illusion of a shadow can be created to get around that). Sometimes, illusions do not look quite right, allowing people to realize that what they are looking at is not real. Most illusions work as a Resisted Task, pitting the caster’s Focus result against the Perception and Intelligence of those who see the illusion. Illusions are not selective — the effect can be perceived by everyone. Illusions with an extended duration must remain in the witches line of sight or other senses, or they will disappear.

Visual Illusion

This illusion can look like anything the character can picture, but is soundless. This costs 1 Essence per cubic foot (.03 cubic meters) of the illusion. The illusion lasts for 5 minutes.

Auditory Illusion

This effect works like a visual illusion, but creates only sounds. The loudest sound possible will be strong enough to be uncomfortable, but not enough to actually damage or stun people. The cost in Essence is for each sound made: 1 Essence for a soft noise (equivalent to a whisper), 2 for the equivalent of normal speech, 3 for a shout or scream, 5 for a loud (but not deafening) sound. To produce an extended sound illusion, pay triple the cost (e.g., 6 Essence for the sounds of a conversation); this lasts 5 minutes.

Full Illusion

This effect creates a realistic illusion that will fool all senses except touch. This costs 5 Essence Points per cubic foot (.03 cubic meters) of the illusion, and lasts 1 minute.

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