Lesser Healing

This Invocation can restore minor wounds, reduce the severity of major wounds and cure minor diseases or maladies. It requires the witch to lay hands on the wounded or sick person.

During the Invocation, the witch feels the pain and the ailment of the victim. Severe wounds and painful ailments require the witch to pass a Simple Willpower Test to endure the second-hand pain and discomfort. If the Test is passed, the witch can continue unimpeded. Otherwise, the Focus Task is at -5. If the first attempt does not completely cure the wound or disease, any further attempts are at a -2 penalty. A failed Task means the witch is affected by the wound or disease he attempted to cure for one day per fail.

Heal Wounds

This restores 1 Life Point for every Essence Point spent. The victim loses 1 Endurance Point for each Life Point restored; this accounts for blood loss and the energy cost of the accelerated healing process. This effect will close cuts and puncture wounds and mend broken bones. It will not restore missing limbs or organs, especially long-gone ones. In other words, a severed finger cannot be grafted on if the finger is fresh and available; a ruined eye cannot be fixed.

Cure Disease

Only any minor, non-terminal disease can be cured — anything that can be treated with antibiotics or is no more severe than a cold or the flu. This costs 10 Essence Points.

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