Lesser Curse

Essence is the force behind all things, including chance. By surrounding a person with negative Essence, a vengeful sorcerer may cause the person to experience misfortune, feel ugly and unwanted, and otherwise have a bad time. The unwarranted use of this power often turns back on the caster, however. Even if the invocation is successful, witches who curse others for petty reasons may find themselves visited with the same maladies they inflicted on others, and then only the Cleansing Invocation will remove them.

Bad Luck

This gives the character a bad luck that will last for 1 day per 3 Essence Points. The character is responsible for controlling the Bad Luck which is expected to make it into RP). When something can be wrong or go wrong. Things simply take a turn for the worse for the victim. People take what he says the wrong way, or some unforeseen circumstance turns his success to ashes. This lasts until the Bad Luck time frame has passed, victim finds the witch who cursed him and forces him to remove the Magic, or a Cleansing Invocation is performed on the character. The latter is treated as a Resisted Task using the witches Willpowers and respective Invocation levels.

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