Language Skill Level Table
Skill Level Fluency
1 None
2 Barely
3 Intermediate
4 Conversational
5 Excellent
6+ Fluent

Choices: Language: Chinese, Language: French, Language: German, Language: Greek, Language: Hindi, Language: Italian, Language: Japanese, Language: Korean, Language: Latin, Language: Russian, Language: Sign or Language: Spanish

Every character is assumed to have level 5 in their native or primary language and will never be asked to roll for it. Each additional language must be purchased as a separate Skill Type. The skill level in a language determines not only basic fluency, but the “thickness” of the character’s accent (see the Language Skill Level Table below).

Unlike most skills that need to be rolled every time you use it, the Language skill instead uses the language code. Most of the time, the character need not pass a Task to see if she communicates; as long as the character knows the language, assume that she can talk in it without needing to roll. Your level in this skill will simply determine your fluency.

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