Teaching is a skill and an art. The subject matter is important but conveying that information in an interesting, stimulating and comprehensive manner is the heart of the Instruction Skill.

The first step in using the Instruction Skill is to pick a subject matter to teach. This may be any skill known by the teacher, but it must be at least two levels higher than the student’s level.

Notes of Use

  • If the required skill level is possessed, the teacher and student must spend a certain period of time on lessons. Every week of game time that the two spend at least 10 hours IC houses studying the skill (at least 1 scene per week MUST be posted) the teacher can make her roll (Intelligence + Instruction).
  • The Success Levels of this Task are cumulative; for example, if the teacher and student spend three weeks working on the skill, the Success Levels of all three rolls are added together. When the teacher accumulates five Success Levels in the Task, the student gets 1 Experience Point toward improving that skill.
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